Saturday, February 13, 2010

Battle Report I, part one.

Onorevoli v. Iron Warriors:

A tremendous day …for Chaos.
Alas. The Onorevoli were slaughtered on their first day out, which considerably less than the auspicious start I’d hoped for. Still, it was a wondrously close game until the end of turn 5, at which point the constant pressure wore through the resolve of the Emperor’s finest. There were moments of high drama, and some epic moments of failure.

A more detailed and comprehensive battle report will follow tomorrow or Monday, depending. I hesitate to say when exactly only because it is going to take some time to sort through the photos and select appropriate images that will both illuminate the game and also sustain the narrative of the day. I have included a number or action shots here, however, to hint at the way things went. I should also ask you to be patient, as I am still learning a) how to work this blog, and b) how to work my camera.

Here are the initial details:

Annihilation / Spearhead.
2000pts (ish –we generally have an understood “give or take a few" attitude when it comes to these things. I think we were both actually somewhere around 2040… etc)

Ref Pitmann’s Iron Warriors:
2 squads of Berzerkersm each in a Rhino
10 Bikers
Land Raider

Iron Warriors Deep Striking:
Daemon Prince
3 Obliterators
2 Squads of Terminators

the Onorevoli:
10 scouts (8 snipers, 1 missile launcher, Telion)
2 squads of 5 scouts (bolters, 1 heavy bolter)
Devestators (4 lascannons)
Land Raider Crusader
5 Terminators (autocannon)

Onorevoli Deep Striking:
Venerable Dread
Drop pod
5 Terminators (autocannon)

One more note: We are not ambitious generals. I have never played in a tournament and think it likely that I never will. The Ref feels the same. I’ve included the lists here for clarity rather than critique. Both of us select our army based on what we have painted. Moreover, we tend to paint what we think is cool. It’s as easy as that. So please don't take offense at the caliber of our selections.


sonsoftaurus said...

Good attitude. Terrain and the armies look nice, look forward to seeing more.

Brian said...

Thanks. As it turns out, I had some free time this evening and managed both to sort the photos and write the report. I'd appreciate any feedback you have to offer. I am, after all, very new to this blogging malarky.
Thanks again.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy the image created by the phrase "Vultures Circle." Ref

Brian said...

Cheers Ref. You are a scholar and a gentle man.