Saturday, February 13, 2010

Battle Report I, part two.

Turn One: The Ref won the roll and elected to go first. His list is fast, fast, fast, and hits as hard as a class action to the knees. So, he did what comes naturally and moved forward at full speed with his Bikers in front and Berzerker-filled Rhinos close behind.

The Landing Platform in the center of the board presented him with an interesting problem. He could split his force, or remain coherent and flood either side. His Bikers clearly liked the open path toward my LR Crusader, and his Rhinos appeared to favor that side but remained uncommitted due to the Bikers’ ample lead.

On my half of the turn, the Dread dropped down between his Rhinos and his LR. Choices. Choices. I opted to melta one of the Rhinos with dramatic effect. The Devestators clipped and immobilized the other Rhino, and I was feeling pretty good about myself. His Bikers were hung out in the breeze and his two hardest CC units were stuck on the starting line.

Turn Two: His Obliterators arrived but scattered tremendously into my Whirlwind. The mishap roll let me place them anywhere and so, instead, they landed behind his LR on the other side of the board completely.

I was smiling at this point. In my early gambit, I had hoped to delay his rush, and so far it seemed that I’d not only stalled it, but also stopped it dead in its tracks. The Obliterators were basically out of the game… or so I thought.

The Bikers took the bait, continued heedless of the comrades they’d left behind, and brought down a few of Telion’s scouts in the building above them. Pitmann’s LR decimated the Venerable Dread, twice, and I could only take consolation that the ensuing explosion clipped one of his hapless Berzerkers.

My Terminators arrived and hugged the corner of the Landing Platform. The Librarian and his entourage (who look like Space Wolves but aren’t) jumped out of the LR Crusader and, all together, the crowd pummeled the Bikers for their trouble. A short assault from the Lib and co. was necessary to clean up the stragglers, but all in all it was a one-sided effort.

Smiling turned to smug. His force was arriving piece-meal and I was seemingly able to weigh in with all of my hardest units directly on each threat as it appeared. The plan was working…

Turn Three: Both of his Terminator squads arrived with an uncannily precise deployment behind my lines. A well-placed melta shot immobilized my LR Crusader –and that pretty much ended its participation for the day.

Oh, except for those lonely, misplaced Obliterators, who refused to be discouraged by their unfortunate arrival, staggered through some rubble, and slung off a las shot to make the Crusader’s day go from “stagnant,” to “over.” They took a few more shots in the next turns to finish the work, but it was an entirely academic matter at that point.

The Berzerkers saw what was waiting for them on the North side of the Platform and decided to head in the opposite direction through the trees toward some Scouts and Whirlwind.

Back to the Terminators: the second squad took its shots on my opposing (orange/brown-colored in the photos) Terminators, killed two, and broke them. I’m not entirely sure how that happened really. Smugness. Gone.

My Librarian and non-SW Terminators swung round, shot, then assaulted the squad that had just routed his orange comrades. In an aggressive bid to rescue this turn from the gutter, they performed nobly and decimated their opponents. Smugness salvaged?

As it turns out, no. I made a crucial error this turn. I used my Devestators to try and soften the unit in front of my Librarian. They didn’t. They should have stayed focused on the more urgent threat that was directly in front of them and closing fast. Sure, it doesn’t seem very sporting to shoot Berzerkers with Lascannons, but three or four less madmen in the next assault phase would be, well, three or four less drooling madmen the next assault phase. It’s a game of inches sometimes.

Turn Four: The Daemon Prince finally arrived on the far side of my disintegrating Crusader and set himself up to make trouble for the two Scout units nearest him. At this point, we may have accidentally misplayed something. I suspect that the Daemon Prince charged one of those Scout units that turn, which I don’t think he could do in retrospect. Hmmm. I’ll have to consult the Ref about this and have the game declared a posthumous draw.

His Terminators shot and assaulted my Librarian and un-Wolves. The combat was inconclusive and remained that way until the very last half of the very last turn of the game. Funny how that happens sometimes. Two hard units. Nothing happens. They just danced around each other for four assault phases. This was terrible news for me, but great new for the Referee Pitmann, who needed that time to bring the rest of his weight to the fight.

And so he did. His Berzerkers finally chased down my five Scouts that were standing between them and my Devestators and/or Whirlwind. The assault went badly for the good guys. In his consolidation, the Ref made sure to block my still-fleeing Terminators and ensure that they would have trouble next turn.

I don’t remember what the Devestators and Whirlwind did that turn, but I think it’s fair to say “not much.”

Turn Five: You may have noticed that Telion hasn’t been mentioned yet in this report. That is because he didn’t do a single thing worth mentioning the entire game… except look stoic while the Daemon Prince pasted him. That was decent of him.

The DP consolidated to make sure he’d join the Terminator dance next turn.

The Berzerkers caught and killed my Terminators that were fleeing. They then consolidated to ensure that my Devs were next.

Those Devestators found their target priority again, and admirably trimmed the number of salivating madmen at their doorstep, but it was too little too late.

My plan was all but unraveled.

Turn Six: In an appropriate but misguided act of heroism, the Librarian squared off with the Daemon Prince and was sent to the bookshelf for his effort. The Berzerkers sent their third unit of the day to join him.

And so ended the Onorevoli’s first day out, with only a Whirlwind left on the table. Huzzah?

The Referee is a great opponent, and it was an absolute blast to get a game in again after all this time. What’s more, this was a day of peaks and valleys. I’ve got a lot to mull over before our next encounter, and plenty more to paint.

I hope you enjoyed my first battle report and look forward to any/all feedback.


Pacific said...

Wow an excellently written report, with some great photos of some lovely looking armies. I can't believe I haven't stumbled across your blog previously!

I loved the comments about sending the Librarian to the bookshelf..

Dverning said...

Great report and some excellent looking armies. Since I'm a rules geek, I noted: "I suspect that the Daemon Prince charged one of those Scout units that turn, which I don’t think he could do in retrospect."
You'd be correct in this. It's tricky because Summoned Daemons both Greater and Lesser CAN Assault the turn they arrive, but a Daemon Prince or other unit entering via Deep Strike cannot.