Friday, February 19, 2010

CSM: Troops and more

Initially, I visualized my CSM army, the Arrugginiti, as Iron Warriors gone a bit rusty -as a breakaway faction that had cast its lot in with one specific manifestation of the ruinous powers. Certainly, the rust theme still dominates the army, but I’m no longer thinking of the force as an exclusive by-product of my friendly rivalry with Ref Pitmann’s Iron Warriors.

... and I must also confess that this change in thinking is, in large part, because I started developing my SM army, the Onorevoli, at roughly the same time as my CSM, and I’ve accidentally created a visual overlap that I’d never intended. The Onorevoli, it seems, have inadvertently stepped on Arrugginit toes here -which I'm sure will make for a brand new and confusing rivalry of its own.

For example, as you will see pictured here, the Onorevoli are also largely orangish-brown in color, and also borrow the yellow-striped emblem from IW heraldry (for photos of Onorevoli v. Iron Warriors, see: Battle Report I below). What’s also becoming a bit problematic is the turquoise accent color, which I’d initially developed exclusively for things like power weapons and plasma etc, but which has become the main accent color throughout the force. (Onorevoli Srgt. pictured right).

I have, therefore, decided to change direction slightly by developing an iconography of the Arrugginiti’s own, which I should have sorted in the coming weeks, and which I then intend to go back and paint into the blank/black right shoulder of the entire force and on the vehicles. Right now, I’m torn between two designs:

Because the two new Daemon Princes are really Minotaurs in disguise, I’ve been looking at the Beastmen of Chaos iconography and considering an adaptation of the bestial skulls theme on several of the banners pictured in the current WD.

I’m also really taken with the semi-circular chaos emblem, as exemplified by Black Matt and Dave Taylor (two absolute legends).

The trick is that the iconography, and as importantly the color, must a) depart from the turquoise accent color used elsewhere, and b) visually work not only with the rusted marines, but also with the squad of Plaguemarines that are not exactly “rusted” as such.

I’ve included a photo of the Aspiring Champion for the Plaguemarines, who is the only model I’ve completed in that unit so far. As you can see, he’s green, rather than rusted, but the green has been shaded with Dark Flesh. The result looks nice, in my opinion, but also keeps the color scheme visually coherent with the rest of the force.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m at a bit of a crossroads with these guys, so any and all input will be greatly appreciated.



HOTpanda said...

This post stands out above the rest of them in your blog. For me the layout concept that you use to break up the text and display your pictures is spot on. It really show cases the models in this post which look unreal. The other thing that I appreciate about your blogs is the fact that you explain what you are thinking and the evolution of the models.

I love the rust effect that you have taken and feel that you have a solid method that looks great visually. The powerfist effect is great and it works really well with photographing the model. Cannot wait to see what the entire army looks like on the the table.

Brian said...

Thank you Panda. I hand't noticed this comment until just now, and I'm sorry that I didn't respond sooner.

In the coming weeks, we will be seeing much more of the Arrugginiti, particularly as the WIP Daemons come to fruition.

Cheers again.