Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IG: Storm Troopers

Here are the first five in a Storm Trooper squad of ten: and there’s also a lesson here in finishing what one starts. The remaining five are painted through to the gray of the armor, but that’s all. That's reasonably far along. All I need to do is a few shades lighter on the uniform and the the detailing, but I put them aside for another project a while back and they’ve remained in their lonely corner of the bookshelf since. So close, yet so far away. I’m sure that I’m not the first person in the hobby to have fallen into this common conundrum, and I’m also sure that I won’t be the last. Perhaps as this winter drags on I’ll find the inspiration. Nevertheless, I’m reasonably pleased with how this lot have turned out.

The real challenge with these Storm Troopers resides entirely within the palate. They’re cold weather fighters and I’ve limited the scope of their colors to various shades of gray and blue. Even their goggles and the power cords on their guns are restricted to these two basic tones. As such, the models appear quite, well, soft but steady in real life. The only real accent colors are the very small bits of red on their electronics, the edges of brass on the guns, and (most importantly) the flesh tones on their hands.

For me, these skin tones really accentuate the humanity of the figures –remind us that they are still just the fragile but relatively potent exemplars of the Imperial Guard: no more, no less.

Otherwise, I’ve painted these models rather cleanly. They are designed to be Elites, and therefore the most orderly, efficient members of my Valhallans, who are otherwise barely keeping it together at the seams. More on my version of the basic Imperial Trooper in coming weeks, but keep an eye out later this week for a few flaking machines from the Motor Pool.

By the way, am I correct for thinking that these models are now defunct? And that GW has abandoned them for the older iteration they replaced? If so, that’s a shame. I think these models are absolutely brilliant.

p.s. just found an excellent mathammer article on the subject of Storm Troopers from Menzies Tank at 512th Cadian.


The Dark Templar said...

If these are the Kasrkin models (I'm not a Guard player so can't tell the difference) they are still available online at GW along with the older Stormtrooper figures.

Beautiful models by the way - I'd love to play against your Valhallans - they must look awesome on the table en masse.

Col. Corbane said...

Very nice mate, I love the visors, the blending on them is excellent.

Max said...

Looks nice, and the Kasrkin definitely look better than the other storm troopers

Brian said...

Thank you, gentlemen. I'm still in the reasonably early stages with these Valhallans, and have a good bit more painting to do before they're genuinely table-fit, match-ready -which means there will be plenty more posts on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Yip - they are still available. Under the Elites section, Kasrkin on the GW site. Splendid looking models you painted there good sir.

Menzies Tank said...

Thanks for the shout-out re: linked article! :)

I love my Stormtroopers, the fluff the models, everything, but I felt it was time for me to mathhammer it myself to see why there was this (justifiable) ambivilance towards the taking of Stormies in normal 40K games.

Until GW produce a special character upgrade to the Stormtrooper squad in a new campaign/mission booklet, I say stick them in Planetstrike, or as MEQ-killing fluff fun. Nothing more! :-(

Gotthammer said...

I like them a lot, as mentioned the visors look very nice.

The only critique I have is the flamer dude - I'd paint him as having gloves (or at least a glove on his left hand) to protect him from getting burnt from flashback.

Brian said...

@Goth, that's a great point! I completely missed that when I was painting him. I tend to have my head wrapped up in color schemes and accent ideas rather than more practical concerns. That's a very handy observation and a good reminder to really think about the modek more than just the paint scheme.

@Menzies, I miss Scotland more than I miss Dundee, if you know what I mean.