Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In with the old...

Although this was taken some time ago, it's the only original photo I have handy. The hot mess pictured here was my entry for the "Speed Daemon" competition at Games Day 2009 in Chicago (the background is actually two paper plates held up for contrast). Not my best work, to be sure, but I was really quite surprised at how short 45 minutes can seem when working even just a simple, single figure; in other circumstances I would describe myself as a reasonably fast painter.

This old fellow took second in my heat, and I was awarded a handful of mangled brushes -which I thought was rather sporting of the organizers. I use these brushes all the time now for various sundry, drybrushing matters.

The guy who won this heat really nailed it with an incredible free-hand check pattern on the armor. I have no idea how he managed that level of fine detail in such a brief span. It's just amazing what talent is out there.

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