Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Nerd Kingdom

This is where it all happens.

This room is a little annex to the deck on our roof, which is pretty much unused during the long winter months here in Chicago. Naturally, I've seized this opportunity and expanded my workspace significantly. All of this is designed to be put away when the need arises; however, my good friend and bitter rival -the Referee Pitmann- will be coming round on Saturday for a game or two, and this seemed an ideal excuse to open the tables and make some space a bit early.

You can see a number of items that I'm working on, including a gaggle of Valhallans, some terminators from AoBR, and a nifty Minotaur conversion or two. We'll see how this last item turns out in future posts.

The other photo is of my actual work space in all of its chaotic glory -no pun intended, honest. From time to time, it actually looks a bit more organized than this, but invariably these moments are short-lived.

You can also see here some Bloodletters of... wait for it... Nurgle. I know. I know. More on the story behind these guys future posts.

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