Friday, February 12, 2010

The Onorevoli: First Contact

Tomorrow is a big day 'round here. I finished this Librarian a few weeks ago, and tomorrow will be his first day on the table versus Ref P's dreaded Iron Warriors.

I should note, he is not intended to be a Space Wolf, but the Librarian for my own chapter of Marines I call the ONOREVOLI. More on them soon. I've not sorted the fluff entirely, but they are fully painted and itching for a fight.

Ref P and I have an unspoken agreement about only playing models that have been painted to a decent but unspecified standard (significantly more than primed, but not necessarily completed). Still, it is a sign of how little gaming I've done in the last year or so that I will be fielding an entirely new, and entirely painted, 2000 point army for the first time tomorrow. It's shameful really... 2000 points. painted. and not a single minute on the table as yet.

Let's see how they do.


Brent said...

I love everything about this model; the color choices and design are topnotch.

Very cool.


Brian said...

Thank you. That's really nice to hear because I agonized over the gold armor.

Pacific said...

A beautiful model, you've created a lovely contrast between the cloak and armour.