Monday, February 15, 2010

WIP: Daemon Prince x 2

Here are a few shots of my newest project. These two monsters are going to be Daemon Prince One and Daemon Prince Two in the CSM army that I've been assembling for years now... slowly but slowly. This is indicative of the somewhat impulsive, spontaneous (one might say, haphazard) nature of the way I work.

To be candid, I've been a bit relieved of late because GW has finally put some models into the sales rotation that I'm not absolutely drooling over. Skaven are cool and all, but not really my cup of tea. Same for Beastmen. I've painted a few Tyranids from years gone by, and have a few more from the Space Hulk release, but I just don't feel the rest of it yet. As I said, it's a welcome reprieve, and a fine opportunity to address some of those other neglected projects that I've got sitting under the desk.

ahem. yes. well. Having said that, I must confess that I've been utterly blown away by the new plastic minotaurs. I picked some up last weekend and have been working out how to fold them into my CSM Nurgle army ever since. At first I thought maybe some kind of Terminator conversion, or perhaps Obliterators, but in the end I decided to bash them up a little bit and make two (maybe even three) new HQ choices with both a varied and a unique feel for each individual monster. I don't expect to ever have them on the table at the same time but, instead, select the one that I feel is appropriate for any given assignment.

The first effort involves the plastic wings from a Balrog that I purchased years ago but immediately abandoned with hardly a second glance. The wings, at least, now have a happy home... so it goes.

I tried to magnetize these in order to make the model more versatile and easier to transport. That experiment went horribly wrong, and so the wings you see are actually about 3/4 of an inch shorter than they were originally made. I'm not too fussed about the failure. It happens. One to grow on, and all that.

Instead, I've taken the opportunity to use a different kind of putty for the first time. Pictured here is "ProCreate Professional Putty" (clever boys). For my first swing, I'm not too disappointed but it does have a much, much different feel than the usual Green Stuff that I've grown accustomed to over these past few years.

I cut about an equal portion of both the white and the brown components, which may have been the source of my problems. Next time, I will likely use a much smaller ratio of the brown (hardening) component, as I found the putty started to harden and become difficult much sooner than I'd hoped. I had a rather difficult time smoothing it all out, and finding more organic shapes at various points. I'm sure some practice will help, and there's only one way to get that.

Still, all in all I'm pleased -and particularly so with the strength and solidity of the material once it dries. I just need to find a way to delay that a bit. The product is sound, I will simply have learn how to manipulate it better.

The second fellow is something I'm working up for fun, really. With the all the excitement brewing over the new Blood Angels Codex, I wanted to let my bad guys thumb their noses a bit at the sons of sanguinus, or whatever he's called. As you can see, this guy has wrestled a BA Chalice from some unfortunate's hands. I plan on having him either gulp the contents, or pour them into the dirt -not sure yet (see: haphazard above).

Finally, I'm preparing two bases that are going to have the "lava-thing" underneath. This is another first for me, so I'll be posting more on that learning curve as well.

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