Tuesday, March 9, 2010

End of Term Terminators: A Book Wardens Chaplain by accident

More on the peculiar SM Chapter that I introduced yesterday. At the time of their creation, I’d been reading Ben Counter’s “The Bleeding Chalice.” The novel opens deep in the forgotten abyss of the Librarium Terra, and follows a dismally numb servitor who is lost amid the stacks while mindlessly engrossed in a long-neglected tome. The servitor is so hopelessly consumed by what he is reading that he fails to notice the assassin who has come to ensure the proper and thorough deletion of this particular section of the Library -and so he is erased alongside the entire history contained therein. I’m not really sure what happens in the rest of the book, but that simple sequence resonates with me even now, seven years later. Obviously, “The Bleeding Chalice” does the idea much more justice than my poor summary here, but you get the idea.

This opening passage oozes murk and grim Gothic despair. For my SM Chapter, then, I wanted to embrace that murkiness and create a series of figures that evoked the astonishingly slow and interminably long physical, intellectual, spiritual decline of the Empire –an Empire that has forgotten so much more than it might ever realize again –an Empire that both covets and loathes the kinds of things one might find amid the library stacks.

Yesterday, I also described how, despite this clear foundation, I missed the mark in a number of ways. The haphazard bases from that post are perfect examples.

So. The Chaplain-looking Terminator… I don’t really know what he’s supposed to be doing, nor how that gesture might obliquely fit in what I’ve outlined above. I don’t think I ever did have much a clue, really. To be completely candid, I didn’t even conceive of him as a Chaplain, but began calling him that after other gamers repeatedly said, “hmm. Interesting Chaplain.” And what’s he doing with that spool (again, the spool)? I just slapped it all together and hoped it worked. No wonder the Chapter collapsed.

Lesson learned.

But one small gesture in my defense. On some subconscious level, I must have realized the whole mess wasn’t genuinely clicking together, because on each model one can find both the blue and the black-yellow striped wires that somehow were meant to resonate from one model to the next.

Final note: Battle Missions arrived yesterday and I had the opportunity to peruse it over my toast this morning. In a word... Glorious.


Gotthammer said...

At least you learnt a lesson from it, that's the important thing when something doesn't work out as planned.

Interesting background concept though.

Brian said...

Thanks. These guys were definitely a learning experience and, despite it all, I still have a very tender spot for them. My two favorites are coming up Thursday and Friday... and then it's back to the regularly scheduled program.