Sunday, March 21, 2010

WIP: IG Valhallans

The bases, which appear as little more than clumpy bits of Green Stuff in these photos will soon, I hope, more adequately resemble the icy landscape here in the Midwest (my snow recipe). The Green Stuff also helps add a bit of height to each model. For some reason these old sculpts are a tiny bit shorter than your average Imperial Guard trooper from the current Cadian plastics, so the extra bit of lift from this kind of snowy base helps level the playing field, so to speak. At some point, I will be incorporating some of those plastics into this army, so it seemed appropriate to keep that consideration on the table.

I’ve also included some dead branches on several bases. Once again, I’ve forced my thinking toward the “less is more” mantra, as I actively had to resist the urge to add this interesting visual detail on too many bases (As fun as that might be to model, not every individual should be standing next to a withered brush all the time). For the branches, I cut a very small section of bristles from a push broom I have here in my workspace that I use to keep too much snow from accumulating on our flat roof. It seems somehow appropriate, if not exactly poetic, that some small pieces of this broom should be used for a snowy purpose.

The effete gentlemen pictured here is my Officer of the Fleet. I love this model because, to me, it somehow suggests both Napolean and Burlesconi at the same moment. I can’t help but suspect that the sculptor had at least one of these two archetypes in mind when mashing up the Green Stuff.

Finally, I’ve pulled the remaining five Storm Troopers off the shelf. Perhaps one of the best bits of this blog, for me anyway, is that it has its own momentum. A couple of weeks ago I posted the other five from this squad and then lamented that I’d been too distracted to complete these five… Without intending, I’d actually just guilted myself in into making sure that these Storm Troopers finally get some of the attention they deserve.


Col. Corbane said...

I'm liking those Valhallans mate, can't wait to see the storm troopers finished.

Brian said...

Thanks Colonel. The Storm Troopers have been waiting patiently for a very, very long time.

HOTpanda said...

The guilt we all carry around that is attached to neglected models is a heavy burden to carry. I hope to to alleviate some of my burden this summer when I get back to Canada.

Great looking models and your Officer of the Fleet looks like he of top brass quality with that paint job.

Brian said...

It is burden, to be sure. I recently emptied out a shelf of "incomplete" projects and sold them in an auction at my FLGS. When I say incomplete, I mean some of them were still in the wrapper. And the money I made from the auction? Well, let's just say that the shelf is already filling up again.