Sunday, March 14, 2010

WIP: A New Direction for the Arrugginiti

Welcome to another Sunday’s WIP.

I’ve probably worn you out by now talking about how my Arrugginiti began as my rivalrous response to Ref Pitmann’s Iron Warriors. If by chance you are unfamiliar, here’s a very hasty summation: originally, my CSM Chapter was meant to be a Nurgle-infested version of a workday Iron Warriors army. Since that initial inspiration, however, my SM Chapter, the Onorevoli, have usurped that role, and have acquired a very distinct and peculiar kind of rivalry of their own with the Iron Warriors (which will most certainly be the substance of future posts). This is a natural risk when working on two projects more-or-less simultaneously, and one that I’ve come to accept as psychologically innevitable.

So the Arrugginiti have been lost in the warp for a while now, conceptually speaking.

Recently, however, the Arrugginiti have once more found direction in the turbulence, a direction that has rescued them from the vagaries of neglect. Their malevolence is now re-focused and in a much more appropriate, definite manner. I’m feeling increasingly confident that their contemptuous ire will guide them out of the warp and back onto the tabletop...

And pictured throughout this post are several unsubtle clues as to the substance of that direction.

Tomorrow, I will both introduce and define the real impetus behind this new direction, and demonstrate exactly why I’ve been getting such a tremendous kick out of this blogging business. Excellent fun.

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The Dark Templar said...

Looking forward to seeing these guys in all their glory