Sunday, March 28, 2010

WIP: well... Adepticon Seminars

This is a rather atypical WIP Sunday post in that I’m not really documenting any work at any real stage of progress. As mentioned a few times this week, I spent my entire Saturday at Adepticon (which was exhausting). This was my first time at the convention and, to be candid, I’m still reeling a bit from it all. I’ll be posting more about the experience through the week as I mentally digest the proceedings, but I wanted to pick up the theme of Work in Progress for this Sunday’s post, and talk a very little bit about what I did yesterday, which one might reasonably describe as “make some progress on my ability to work.”

Aside from the various tournaments and demos and gameplay revelry, Adepticon offered a compelling and broad array of seminars, of which I attended merely two (each two hours long). The first seminar was conducted by Rich Nelson on the basics of molding as well as plaster (and to a small extent resin) casting. The second seminar was conducted by Joe Orteza on the merits or Greenstuff (one note: Rich is pictured above. Casting, obviously, happens at a different pace than sculpting, and I don’t have a single photo from this second seminar simply because Joe had us working from the second we sat down until after the official time limit had passed. It was intense… but rewarding).

I gleaned more in the two hours of each seminar than I could have learned in a month of Sundays on my own. As with so many things in this hobby, many of the nuggets of information that I learned were simply a matter of an experienced hobbiest showing (and not simply telling) the rest of us all those mischievous turns of information that are obvious to the experienced and utterly vexing to the novice (what to look for in your plaster/water mixture, why it’s best to add all the plaster and then stir, how to avoid clumps, tricks to minimize bubbles, etc). The Internet, admittedly, takes great strides to close this gap, but a skill is a skill and theory is wondrously different than practice. Quite simply, the exchange of information occurs at a glacial pace here on the internet compared to the rapid and immediate give-and-take of a hands on seminar.

Having said that, I will be doing my utmost to pass along all the information when, and as, I am able on this site. In particular, I will be making a few base molds in the reasonably near future, and will document with all the appropriate care and attention I can manage.

More on all of that, as well as other thoughts and photos and anecdotes and photos, as the week wears onward.

Oh, and one more thing. At the very last moment, I decided to try my hand at the painting competition. Here’s my entry below. We find out today how that all went. Fingers crossed.


Alexander Man said...

Sounds like a great time! The competition miniature looks great. And the basing is really nicely done. What is that stuff on the base? I´ve seen it before in some minis, but never found out what it is :o Good luck in the competition!

Warhammer39999 said...

Looking forward to the tips on casting/greenstuff. Not all of us have the luxury of having a massive 'con in our backyard!

Max said...

Yeah, second W3999's comment- bring on the tips and tricks!

Frozencore said...

It was a pleasant surprise to see you at Adepticon. It's great that we got to talk during a couple of my games and catch up. The day went really well for us overall despite the one round you saw; we ended up getting 20th overall out of 110 teams. I am still shocked that we did so well. The whole 17 hour experience and the 2 day primer leading up to it was really draining. I will be sure to post some aftermath of my experience to get the whole thing out of my system. I hope your wraith does well, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Brian said...

@Alexander, It's a cork base but with mixture of three different colors of flock on top. Because of your suggestion, I'm going to discuss this at much greater length in the very near future. Please email me at if you'd like an answer a bit more directly.

@39.9K it's a tough life. For different reasons than those above, I was wondering if you could shoot me an email also at

If anyone else wants to email me as well, please do.

@Max, Stay tuned.

@FrozenJoe. Brilliant work!!! I've got one or two good photos of the game against the IG Gun Line if you'd like to use them on your own site. And it was great to see you as well. Now that I'm back in the midst of it all, let's get some games in soon.