Friday, April 23, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: Arrugginiti Family Photo

As you will have noted from this week’s theme, pretty much all of my hobby time allotted for this week (and a bit more than that) has been unabashedly consumed by the Realm of Battle table. With what precious moments remained, only the most minimal work was accomplished on the Arrugginiti. Alas.

As such, I thought that this might be a good opportunity to reflect a moment and to take a look at what I actually have in the stable. Moreover, this is also an ideal moment to think a bit about where I should go with the next phase of the Arrugginiti muster. Any/all comments welcome to that end.

Generally, I’m not one to listhammer, but here is an approximation of what I could/would field were the Arrugginiti actually summoned to the tabletop. (one note: while I am clearly soliciting comments and advice, please remember that I am not a particularly competitive player and that fluff is as much a concern for me as more practical matters, so be gentle):

DAEMON PRINCE I (Wind of Chaos, Wings, Mark of Nurgle) 180

DAEMON PRINCE II (Wind of Chaos, Mark of Nurgle) 160

POSSESSED (10, Mark of Nurgle) 320
RHINO (Daemonic Possession) 55

CSM (10, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Icon of Nurgle) 265

CSM (10, x2 Melta, Power Weapon, Combi-Melta, Icon of Nurgle) 260
RHINO (Daemonic Possession) 55


OBLITERATORS (3 -apologies, the only picture I have of these guys is at top) 225

By my math, this means that I have about 1905 pts worth of Arrugginiti to put on the table. Of course, I could pad the edges to find a few extra points (I could, for example, give the Vinidicator Daemonic Possession, or fill out the SLD squads –I’ve got 35 in total currently sitting on the shelf). I've also got a Chaos Sorcerer that wouldn't mind some action, and/or a Typhus "counts as" that I'm always willing to show the light of day. This would require benching one or the other Daemon Prince, which seems fine as two may be a bit excessive.

Nevertheless, I’m genuinely surprised to see that I’ve got a table-ready army here. Maybe not an ideal one, but a regulation one all the same.


Scott said...

Great looking army. Very inspiring.

I really like the Daemon Prince with the blood angels banner and the chalice.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Very nice looking army. As you have a Nurgle Theme going, I would recommend a Squad of Plague Marines. In addition, I think that the rusty ones could really do with a Defiler.

I believe those would stay within the fluff you have provided and still help to flesh out the Arrugginiti.

Dverning said...

Okay, competitive gamer review but I'll try to be nice...
1. The list isn't bad. Not "100% netlist optimized", but still decent. (And looks great!)
2. Wind of Chaos is sporadic effect and can often cost you your Assault move. It tends to only see the field on a Thousand Sons Sorceror or Tzneetchian Daemon Prince. I'd switch both guys to Warptime for effect. Nurgle's Rot can also be entertaining, especially against horde armies.
3. Possessed get a bad rap from most netlisters because of the random factor of and cost. Me? I think they're fun and entertaining. The randomness just means you have to be adaptable in how you use them.
4. I'd rather see the CSMs run as Plague Marines. Same T, similar weapon choices, Feel No Pain, and Fearless... for only 3 points more per guy. It makes a difference. People have this idea that Plague Marine must all look like Death Guard. But to my mind, there's not much difference between a CSM dedicated to Nurgle and a Plague Marine that used to be a stock CSM.
Plasma pistols and Heavy Bolters aren't really worth it, especially for how they conflict in roles.
I highly approve of the loadout on the second squad, though I'd probably have taken a power fist.
Aspiring Champions are nice but expensive; typically you only see them if there's points left over to spend or a Greater Daemon to summon. But they add such a nice look that I still take them myself.
5. Why are you paying for Daemonic Possession everywhere when all your Rhinos really need is Extra Armour?
6. Daemonically Possessed Vindicators are highly entertaining.
7. I'd split the Daemons into 4x5 or 3x6. More units = more flexibility.

And... that's about it. Currently, I'd rate it about an 80% competitive list. Perfectly fine to take to local tournaments and it might even be the surprise underdog at larger. The changes about would push it to 90-95% and still retain the theme too.

Cheers and hope that gives you an idea or two.

HOTpanda said...

Awesome Family picture. The second last picture, what is that model suppose to be? It looks awesome and would love to know more about it.

As for the list well if fluff is your thing then you have hit the mark with a highly effective fluff based army. If you are going for some tweaks I would say that Dverning hit 90% of things I would change. The biggest one being that 7 plague marines will pretty much always win out against 10 nurgle CSM. THe FnP just goes a long way.

All in though, I would puff out my chest and be extremely proud of what you have made. That army would hands down take best painted at any local tournament. KUDOS!!!

Brian said...

@Scott. Thanks. You can find some more about him here:

@ Magilla. I'm convinced that Plague Marines are a good option, and I like this business about fielding 7 for fluff. That works for me. I'd also like to take a stab at one of those scorpion-looking Defiler conversions... hmmm. Good suggestions. You've got me thinking.

@ Dverning. Thank you for the thorough analysis. God, I love the internet. These are Great Suggestions!

I'm not sure how I've given Warptime the short shrift. That's a brilliant power that I've completely overlooked.

I'm sold on Plague Marines -and agree that they don't need to be metal Death Guard to represent such. Feel No Pain here I come.

I take your point about Aspiring Champions and about Daemonic Possession. Splitting the SLD squads is a very cool idea as well -though I might reduce them to 3x7 for fluff.

Thank you again for the suggestions. Tremendous.

Brian said...

@ Panda. Dverning very astutely found the link for him. He's actually a sorcerer from WHFB, but I use him as a sorcerer of the 40K variety. You can find him here: (thanks again to Dverning for spotting that).

I really like your idea about the "holy" number 7 -very cool and very appropriately fluffy. I fully intend to adopt his idea. Thank you.

Also, thanks for the kind words.

Brent said...

I've just discovered your blog, so perhaps I'll find my answer when I look around some more, but I really love your banners and the rusted metal style.

If you haven't already done so, it'd be great to see a tutorial.

Awesome Daemon Princes - the Minotaurs seem like they really lend themselves to this treatment.


Brian said...

Thanks, Brent. I've not done an actual "tutorial" yet, but you've just given me a solid idea for a future post.

I have, however spent some time outlining the recipes for this force, which you can find here: