Thursday, April 8, 2010

Onorevoli: Terminator Librarians

In the last few posts, I outlined the Onorevoli Chapter’s obsession with dismantling the Iron Warriors, the near heretical consequences of that obsession, and the extreme force organization that has ensued as a result. At top of the food chain, then, only Librarians or their Terminator bodyguards remain, both of whom have enthusiastically continued to steer the Chapter on its relentless pursuit although in slightly different manners. 

(I should also mention that Scouts, as I’ve imagined them, have been recruited into this machine at an alarming rate and either callously expended or shuffled quickly up the ranks as a reward for success or survival. So far, the key phrase has definitely been “callously expended” as not a single Scout has survived a game yet. I love it when Fluff and Function align. )

What’s more, I envision that the Librarians (both of whom are flirting with heresy and perdition in their own right –that’s what books do after all) had somehow either encouraged or tacitly allowed the kinds of cultish behavior akin to that which initially got Horus into all his trouble. More specifically, the Onorevoli wheel around the axis of my two converted Librarians.

As mentioned yesterday, we have the Librarian leader of the un-wolf Terminator Lodge (who also double for games of Space Hulk): These guys are designed to look weathered and roguish. They have neglected basic upkeep of their armor not only because they’ve been campaigning, but also (and more tellingly) because they have really come to embrace the Cult of Pursuit –from which they have embraced the Wolf emblem. The Un-Wolf Terminators from yesterday are, therefore, the bodyguard for my converted Space Hulk Terminator Librarian –and I’ve made a pact with myself that they won’t grace a table without him.

This was a pretty standard conversion, with a simple arm swap on the left hand for the Storm Shield, and a only modestly more ambitious armament swap on the right hand. The only catch for the second conversion was the power cables that needed to be trimmed and re-sculpted a bit from the original. I also used a few Space Wolf details to hid various emblems and references to the Blood Angels, most easily seen with the wolf skull on his tunic and the emblem now covering his left knee. Thankfully, plastic is so incredibly soft, that you can almost cut and sculpt it on its own. As a rule, I love plastic releases for this simple reason: adhesion and conversion made easy.

The second Librarian is pretty ambitious and expansive kit-bash. In total he takes components from:
CSM Terminator: body and gun both with Chaos Arrows removed.
Space Wolf Terminator: head (with Green Stuff and Plasticard hood) and pauldron.
Space Hulk Librarian: book at top –which was cut from first Terminator Librarian to make room for his Wolf Cloak.
Grey Knight Terminators: force weapon.
WHFB High Elves: second book, cloaking, and part of base.
Ogres: part of staff.
Skeletons, skeletons, skeletons: heads.

As with the previous Terminator Librarian, plastic made this possible. And I know that I've said this before but it merits repetition: never throw anything away. I’ve also raised his torso slightly with some Green Stuff -which makes room for his twisted pose, and which (along with the raised base) makes him the same height as his counterpart.

Primarily, I wanted to suggest his flirtation with Heresy through his armor; One might reasonable imagine that it need only grow back those missing arrows to fully represent his Chaotic inclinations. Moreover, I wanted to bring back the Library with this Librarian much akin to the story of my antiquated and abandoned chapter The Book Wardens, whom I discussed at some length in these three posts (in reverse order). If the previous Librarian invites Heresy through his cultish behavior, this Librarian invites it through his bookish pursuit of knowledge, a detail that is further emphasized by the eyes from Chaos armor.

(oh, as an aside, I've since added some static grass to this guy's base, so that it doesn't look quite so sparse).

Well. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this explanation of my Onorevoli. At some point in the future, we’ll take a look at the ubiquitous Scouts from that army as well as the one and only Tactical Squad. Tomorrow, however, be sure to check in for the next installment of Hailed vs. Hated. I’ve already been enjoying the substance of tomorrow’s post and sincerely hope that you will as well.



Rushputin said...

Wow. I especially love the second one.

HOTpanda said...

The first one has to be my favorite but its their cloaks that steal the show as they look like they are made of a rich satin like material.

Da Masta Cheef said...

“callously expended” as not a single Scout has survived a game yet.

lol, agreed! I've never understood how they make scouts into marines as whenever scouts are on the table they die! Not even hiding in the back, in cover with camo cloaks & sniper rifles seem to help.

Love your army's theme btw!

Max said...

Love the force weapons!

Dverning said...

Great looking models! I'm a big fan of kitbash and conversions... it's neat to see what choices you've made where to change the look and dynamics of the models.

Brian said...

@ Rush, Max, and Dverning. Thanks fellas.

@ Panda. Cheers. This is the same turquoise (just brought up a bit lighter) that I've used on my Arrugginiti, and you can find the recipe on the right.

@ Cheef. Thanks. I try to put some time and deliberation into all of these things. It helps keep me motivated through the entire army if I have a clear idea of that unit's contribution, etc. Perhaps it's a bit excessive at times, but I like it.

Brent said...

Love these - love them!

Very cool stuff, very inspiring.


Brian said...

Thanks, Brent. I hope to have some more of interest in the reasonably near future. Stay tuned.