Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Onorevoli: Terminator Third Squad, The Un-Wolves

Bonus post today.

So. Having spent a few paragraphs these last two days describing the basic philosophical trajectory of the Onorevoli –and specifically how one inside visual joke has since informed the both the iconography and then the mythology of the entire army- today’s post outlines some of the modeling and gameplay repercussions of the way I’ve envisioned this Chapter.

Once I’d placed the Onorevoli on the threshold of heresy (but not yet through the door), once I had begun to think of them as a Chapter somehow blinded by the fanaticism of their own consuming obsession, I was then free to think about some other directions that would be the natural consequence of this insipid misdirection. Specifically, I was free to let my modeling imagination run away with any number of fanciful ideas that could quite easily be brought in under the heretical umbrella. That’s a great place to be for someone like me whose modeling interests are locked in step with more practical gaming concerns. It’s also quite handy when GW releases something as cool as the new Space Hulk game and the new Space Wolf Terminators in the same year.

At one point, I was even tempted to play the Onorevoli as proxy Wolves, but I’ve since abandoned that idea for a few reasons: because I was specifically impressed with the Terminators moreso than I was with the rest of the SW releases, and because of the way they’ve structured SW Scouts. This didn’t gel with one important idea that I had in mind about this Chapter. Namely, I wanted them to be an army of extremes -heavy both in Scouts and in Terminators, but remarkably thin in the everyday Tactical Marine.

Madness. I know. But such is the slippery slope to perdition.

I wanted the Onorevoli to be extreme -not because they were genuinely an Elite strike-force (as with a Deathwing army for example), but rather because the singularity of their obsession had removed any room for gray, mundane marines. The basic Tactical Marine is simply the high cost of constant campaigning and the interminably aggressive pursuit of a single enemy.

Although not in "traditional" Onorevoli orange, you'll still notice the turquoise accent color and the black and godl striping in places that I mentioned previously. These guys, however, have come to represent the dominant warrior-lodge (or cult) within the Onorevoli ranks. They are specifically linked and mentored by a single Librarian, who is responsible for introduction of this cult, and for this major digression from rigid Codex orthodoxy.

As with the second squad from yesterday, these guys are also designed to proxy on a Space Hulk table with relative ease (again, only requiring a Sergeant swap to meet tabletop standards for normal 40K).

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Librarians that act as the nervous system of the entire force, and again on Friday for some more Hailed vs. Hated.


Mordian7th said...

Very nice work - I'm really enjoying these posts. I've been kicking around the idea of building and painting a squad of SW terminators as well, for no better reason than they look like a fun kit. Keep up the great work!

Grizzled Gamer said...

This is another example of some really great painting.
I have a similar idea for my Chaos Space Marines - I am going to incorporate some of the Space Wolf boxed sets into them - as I believe they have great detail and allow fantastic conversions. Thanks for providing some inspiration.

Max said...

Really like the paint scheme for these guys and the others- that turquoise is something that you just don't see everyday for such a lovely color. And the background is great too- I've been mulling over something similar for a possible second army.

HOTpanda said...

The powerfist look unreal; its like they are glowing with hatred. Would love to see a paint recipe on how you pulled that off.

I myself was drawn into the Space Wolves as I have always wanted to play with a drop podding army. I only play non imperium armies though and as such I am in the process of soaking them in the blood of khorne. Your models here make me wish I was home so I could finish them off.

Once again another outstanding post that both inspires me to paint and model while pulling me into the rich dark history of the Onorevoli.

Brian said...

@ Mordian. I highly recommend it mate. I pretty much bought this squad for that exact reason, but they come with so many extra bits and whatnot that there's really almost too much to do with them.

@ Magilla. I think the Space Wolf and Chaos ranges are about interchangeable really. I've also been thinking about taking a look at some of the newer Chaos WHFB releases...

@ Max. Thank you. I've got the recipe for the Turquoise-ish color somewhere under the "recipes" link in the "points of order" column.

@ Panda. Thank you. I'm really looking forward to seeing the SW/Khorne combination. It sounds fantastic. and I'll have to put together a tutorial on the power (fist, weapon, etc) technique that I've been using for these guys. Thanks for the idea.

As ever, please let me know if there's anything else that you'd like to see more of...

Grajo said...

Hey, man, I love the scheme of your termies.

May you tell me which colours did you used in grays and turquoises and how did you highlighted them?