Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tyranid Week: Mutation is Their Specialty

Admittedly, my attempt to recast the Magus (thanks Magilla, I couldn’t remember his name) into something like a Broodlord is rather tenuous, but I think these guys lend themselves much more readily to the modern iteration of the Tyranids. If/when my humble but hungry Tyranids see tabletop once more, I will cast these guys as “counts as” Gaunts of some description (again, I’ve got to read the new codex). That seems a reasonable and viable transition and, really, any excuse to get this crowd in motion would be a good enough excuse for me.

As with the Magus (cough, broodlord, cough), I collected these figures simply because I think that they are super, super cool, and because I desperately wanted to paint them. This happens to me with modest and survivable regularity, and in these odd cases I am forced to let the more pragmatic details work themselves out. They always do.

Usually, I'm not a fan of models that seem a bit too two-dimensional -what I call the "Egyptian" pose- that casting sometimes necessitates. Here, the right arm holding the knife best exemplifies what I mean. It's a flat and a little bit awkward posture that clearly chooses function of casting over the form of the actual model. In this case, however, the third arm compensates quite nicely, and brings the pose back into the body rather than simply evoking a flattened insect.

I'm also quite fond of these models because they mark the beginning of a more ambitious approach to my thinking about things like palate, color, and shading. Purple is the main color of my Tyranids, and so the skin tones on these figures are all done with heavy purple shading. The green acts as the accent color, but also as the shading for the verdigris on the metals. These relatively simple gestures are designed to keep the model visually coherent and subtly interesting. Fingers crossed on that last point.

I’m not sure these guys are available anymore –although until recently you could find them in the “collectors” range. If not, that’s a terrible shame, as I’d love to paint quite a few more. My luck, they’ll currently cost the equivalent of one eternal soul on ebay or somesuch.

Ah well. See you Thursday for a more contemporary Tyranid treat that was, nevertheless, purchased and painted with the same reckless, impulsive affection for this grand hobby of ours.


Da Masta Cheef said...

As I recall, they're OOP & go for stupid amounts of money (most of the time) on ebay. You could probably use them as a 'counts as' Imperial Guard or even (very) Rogue Inquisition kill Teams.

Brent said...

I have some of the old plastics, which while not as nice as the metals you got your hands on are still pretty cool.

I've literally been holding them for 15 years until a project comes along to use them on.

I'm considering them for a psychic battle choir...


Nice paintjob - Brent

The Dark Templar said...

I had a box full of these guys for years, for a campaign that never happened.

I sold them on ebay a couple of years ago for silly money, and that was without the required plastic arms.

Nice models, with a great idea behind them. There was a Genestealer Cult army list in a GW mag many years ago. Shame they never built on it, or made them 'official'.

Grizzled Gamer said...

If you could manage to get your hands on them, I see no problem with running them as a genestealer squad. If you want to run them as gaunts, the fact they have a rifle in hand means they could "count as" being equipped with spike rifles.

HOTpanda said...

I cannot remember what book I read it in but I do recall reading about how a gene cult infects the population through breeding. Over several generations the tyranids genetics begin to over tkae that of a human's. Just from that little timbit of fluff I see no reason why you could not use them as guants. In fact theme wise I think having a Gene Cult would look incredible and be very unique.

In terms of painting I would love to hear your thought process on pallette selection and cour theory in a blog post one day. Your choice of colours and your technique really pulls me into your models.

Brian said...

@ cheef. I like the IG counts as idea, but shudder when thinking about the cost.

@ Brent. Plastics? Really? Man, I would love to see those.

@ Dark Templar. Solidarity.

@ Mags (if I may). To me, they seem more fragile and soft than Genestealers, so I supose Gaunts would be more in line with their lowly, crouching status and stature. ahhh. now, you've got me thinking about that codex... this is how it starts. ha.

@ Cheers Panda. I've thinking about working out some "step by step" and theory posts for the coming weeks -nothing too ambitious, just a few bits about how I do things. I will definitely take these comments and suggestions into consideration.

Thanks all for the support.