Sunday, April 25, 2010

WIP: Venerable Dreadnaught continued

First, I was thumbing through the SM codex the other day and found something that gave me tremendous pause. I’m stunned –absolutely stunned- to learn that I’ve been spelling “Dreadnought” incorrectly for all this time, and not one person –not one- has either corrected or addressed this matter with me. That means you have either been making the same mistake, or (more likely) that you are very, very polite. Thank you. Don’t I feel like the fool.

Well, the purest way to compound foolery is with bloody-minded obstinance, so please let me show you some “in progress” photos of my Venerable Dreadnaught (ahem)…

I mentioned last WIP Sunday that I needed to think of what the Onorevoli color scheme would have been before they engaged in an obsessive grind against the Iron Warriors –an obsession that has them slowly, subliminally adopting Iron Warrior characteristics, most readily notable in their black-and-yellow striping. This was a bit tricky for me. I didn’t want to stray too far from the theme as I have it established, because the force would still need to look coherent on the table. So I took some small inspiration from some other figures that I’d painted more-or-less for fun and afterward folded into the army.

Here’s my thinking on this. The Onorevoli were originally white (or very near it anyway –which helps symbolize a time when their purpose was more pure, and more noble) with accent colors of the muddy orange-ish (which is now their primary color) and turquoise (which remains the primary accent). Moreover, a slightly more vibrant version of the Orange color was used in a basic striping pattern; the Iron Warriors, after all, didn’t invent stripes. The Terminator above, therefore, marks something like the half-way point: he has clearly fallen in with the Cult of Pursuit (symbolized by the Wolf on his right pauldron), and he has adopted the black-yellow striping of the Iron Warriors on his Chainfist. He retains, however, the chipped and neglected vestiges of the old, whitish armor -although now grayish in hue from neglect. (for more on the current color scheme, please take a look at the series of posts starting here).

These choices made sense to me, as it was easier to imagine that the more subtle shift from one color of striping to another than it would be to imagine an entire re-dressing of the Onorevoli uniform. Likewise, the shift from near white to muddy orange also lends itself nicely to the fading of the Onorevoli luster.

And so, I wanted the Venerable Dreadnaught to look old and weathered and more than a little neglected. What might have been white and vibrant orange at one point in the forgotten past, now looks neglected and slightly grotesque. He is old, yes, but also somewhat undervalued in the current fervor of the Onorevoli quest. I’ve painted, therefore, the metals as rather tarnished and the paint as generally chipped or flaking. This is still very much in progress, and I intend to bring some of the highlights up a bit to contrast the paint chips more dramatically, etc. I have also used some weathering powders, but fear they are too close in hue to the orange I’ve created, and so lose some of their effect. Also, I’m not really sure that I’m using them correctly. Generally, I’m just making a mess…

And with that in mind, I’d like to add one final note: Magilla G. recently commended me for seeing my projects through to completion and, while that was very generous of him, I wanted to assure you that my work method is scattered, sporadic, and modestly chaotic. As evidence, I give you the unbridled mayhem of my workspace. Along with the truly Venerable Dread, you’ll find some other interesting treats. Enjoy.


Rabidchild said...

You know, I just realized I've never seen a rusted and heavily weathered dreadnought unless it bore the mark of nurgle. This model stands out not only for your excellent use of weathering but also for the amount of thought you put into its background. Tying its paint scheme in with the rest of your army while keeping it subtly different really gives the feeling that he is from a different age, something every venerable dread should have, really. You have officially rekindled my interest in using this model for a NightLords dreadnought as rusted and worn as the few NL I've already painted. I'm not sure if I should thank you or curse you. :)

Joe Gekko said...

I wouldn't worry about usng weathering powders "right"... you seem to be using them just fine.

I love the verdigris on the copper-ish areas. It looks exactly right.

RPiazza said...

I think you did a great job with the model nice tones and the base blends well with your table. I love the sheer chaos of your workspace very appropriate for the war torn universe of 40k

Grizzled Gamer said...

The model definitely looks weathered. Actually, that venerable dreadnought looks like he went through a war and barely made it out the other side.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Oh, I almost forgot to add that your workstation is complete and utter chaos!
Still, you have a single minded determination to finish projects... in point was your terrain boards that you finished despite the "accident." :-)

Mr.Esty said...

That Dread is inspiring! I love the weathering on him, well done sir!

Brian said...

As ever, gentlemen, your comments and your support are both greatly appreciated.

@ Rabid. I suspect curses are in order somewhere along the line. I'll take mine.

By the way, Nightlords! very cool.

@ Joe Gekko. Thank you. I'm not sure if this would be too -I don't know- boastful or somesuch, but I have a mind to do a tutorial on that verdigris sometime in the future.

@ Piazza. Careful. It's contagious.

@ Gurilla. Thanks. I definitely wanted him to look like he'd been through the grinder for a few centuries running... and the work station gets a good, hearty organization every once in a while, and then returns to this state within a week. I'm not sure how exactly, but it always does.

@ Mr. Esty. Thank you very much.

Big Jim said...

Very, very nice! That is one of the most outstanding looking dreads I have ever seen!

As for your workstation mine is twice as big a mess right now. Partly because I am currently working on three projects.

Now I have an urge to clean it up, but I just don't have the time!

Now I need to get back to painting!


Joe Gekko said...

bsmoove- It's not boastful at all... I meant to beg you for a tutorial in my initial comment.

Unknown said...

I think you've got the weathered look down. Love the base as well. Wish I had a gaming table like that!

The Chainfist on the Wolfguard is also very nice.

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. You are too kind.

@ Joe Gekko. Cheers. I'll be working on that tutorial next week and should have a post for you about a week after that...

@ Kirby. Thank you.