Sunday, April 18, 2010

WIP: Venerable Dreadnaught

“Ave” loyalists. I took a break from the Romans this week and redirected my attention back toward my SM Chapter, the Onorevoli. So far, it’s been a great hobby weekend. No games, but on Friday I took a swing at the new Venerable Dread kit (Friday nights aren’t what they once were).

You’ll likely have noticed that the Onorevoli are standing at something of a crossroads, both with regard to their fluff (they’ve become singularly obsessed with the Iron Warriors and this obsession has eclipsed standard codex concerns to the point that they’ve found themselves standing on the threshold of Heresy), and with regard to the actual game-play composition of the army –which began as pure fluff and hobby fun, but which has also been slowly inching toward viable (if not exactly competitive). This Dread, one hopes, will help the Onorevoli take one more step toward that viability.

But there’s a catch. I’ve had some fun with the Drop Dread that I currently use (pictured above), and I’ve been using this guy, who is from AoBR, as a Venerable Dread. And then I brought home the genuine Venerable Dread kit. Oh, this is awkward. I’ll need to change a bit about how I’ve been working these matters.

This new Dread will be truly Venerable, while the older Dread will be demoted to just a plain old Dread, which I suppose makes him younger by definition...

I know. I know. Convoluted.

I’ve not planned to buy another Drop Pod, so I suspect I’ll put one or the other in the Pod I currently have and let the other fend for himself. Moreover, the new kit really has really spoiled me for choices: plasma cannon, autocannon, lascannon, etc. I suspect that the Plasma Cannon will be his weapon of choice but, because I’m not entirely certain, I’ve taken a bit of extra time and worked up all three options with magnets. (you can, by the way, also see a Scout Biker in progress in the background here. This guy needs a friend to make five Scout Bikers, so he's on hold until I get my mitts on that fifth).


Really, this new kit is glorious. I genuinely had fun building it. There were a few challenging moments, including the metal file that routinely pinged itself to the magnets, but I deftly navigated this hangnail with a borrowed emery board. My technique with magnets leaves much to be desired, as you can see from some of the sloppy work here, but it's all part of the learning process.

Oh, and I’ve also magnetized his waist so that he can spin around to face his enemies.

So here he sits, ready for primer and paint. But there’s one more thing that’s already been nagging me a bit with regard to paint and fluff. As this guy is old beyond reckoning, I thought it would be a bit silly for him to sport the Iron Warrior striping that the rest of his chapter has absorbed in the processes of their obsession. So his colors should more adequately represent what the Onorevoli looked like before they began their singular and hopeless pursuit of the Iron Warriors. What might that be? To be candid, I don’t really know yet.

More on this guy next week. Tomorrow, I will start a series on a truly ambitious project that has entirely consumed the rest of my hobby time this weekend (and a bit more time than that as well), and which may radically alter the way the game is played here at A Gentleman's Ones... hmmmmm.


Joe Gekko said...

Wow. This is why I love reading your blog... you cover the things I never would have thought about.

I, too, am in the process of building a Marine chapter that "recently" underwent changes in force organization and heraldry, and it never occurred to me that a venerable dread would necessarily be painted in the "old" scheme.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Looking forward to what the old paint scheme looks like, as soon as you figure out what that is...LOL.
I really wish Chaos had plastic dreadnoughts. I guess I am going to have to look at one of Snake-Eyes and see how much Imperial Heraldry it has and if it is possible to shave it off.
Looking forward to the finished product.
Oh, I really am glad you magnetized the arms.

Brian said...

@ Joe. Thank you. I wonder at times if I don't over-think these things a bit too much, but then again that's at least half the fun for me.

@ Magilla. I completely agree with you about the Chaos Dreads. I think one could be converted with reasonable effort, as there's not too much that can't be covered or shaved off, but I'd still like to see something specific to Chaos all the same.

By the way, Pitmann has sworn to retire his Dread after its performance two weekends ago, so maybe there's no great loss.