Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cavalry Biker: Fin

OK. With quite a few projects on the burner right now, and with an entire week (more really) dedicated exclusively to half-finished models, you’ve been both very patient with -and very supportive of- the amount of WIP work that I’ve been posting lately. Cheers for that. Still WIP is as WIP does, and I know there's more to this hobby than base coats and spilled paint.

So, it's finally time for a finished product.

Here is the first of seven Chaos-Plague-Cavalry-Bikers (what a mouthful). He’s done in the conventional Arrugginiti rust and red highlights. Nothing surprising there.

(Pitmann, ignore this paragraph if you are reading). As the name suggests, I fully intend to play his squad as Bikers with the mark of Nurgle. They’ll be expensive, for certain, and with tremendous movement, undeniably solid assault, Toughness 6, and two Meltas, I expect that they will be on the receiving end of some potent attention. Also, if they turbo boost, which they very well may to get those Meltas in range, they can pick up a soft 3+ cover save for good measure (I'm thinking of a new name for "turbo" as it doesn't quite work with the horses). If they're not getting shot to all bejeezus, they should be a genuinely grand presence on the tabletop... Oh, and they look cool.

The base is from Dragon Forge and, once again, I must say that I’ve had a number of truly excellent experiences with them now. I recommend. Highly.

Tune in tomorrow for the final gasps of the first transatlantic Hailed vs. Hated battle report.


Big Jim said...

He looks great! I cannot wait to see the entire unit done in all of its glory!

I finally ordered a bunch of those bases for my Soul Reapers; I have put it off far too long now.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Looking good, looking good.

I can't wait to see the entire squad either. Are you going to go with the complete Nurgle theme and have them 7 in number?

Gotthammer said...

Excellent work - only comment I have is his legs could do with a plate or two being darker to match the more edged look the upper body and horse's barding have.
I would have done the area under the kneepad's horn and teeth black, but that's just me.

For another name for Turbo Boost how about 'Furious Charge'?

Oh, wait...

Lighting Ride? Hooves of Flame? Riders of Wrath? Charge of Iron? Some combination of those maybe.

Papa JJ said...

Very cool! He looks amazing and it sounds like the full unit will be really nasty to go up against, too. Awesome work!

sonsoftaurus said...

Warp Gallop!

Ethereal Ride!

Joe Gekko said...

Spurs of Vengeance! Alfalfaburner!

keith said...

Fantastic idea with some great modeling and painting too. I agree with gotthammer though. Try to add some blacks into the leg plates to tie the rider together. It will help to "sit" him on the model more.

HOTpanda said...

Love the fact that you have pillage from the Fantasy line for this project. The kitbash is top notch and the painting is even better.

RAZ said...

That's a good-looking model. I'm not usually a fan of Chaos, but you've done a nice job with this one.

Monty said...

ecological mounting :)

Brian said...

Wow. Ten comments. I think that's a record for this site. Thanks for support fellas, and for the observations. It's good for me to see (through your eyes) things that I'd overlooked or ignored completely. Thanks.

Win or lose, I think this guy is doing something right. More to come from the remaining six members of his squad for certain.


TJ Atwell said...

Outstanding work! I always wish that I didn;t sell the horses from that set. I had no idea how cool they could look!

Dameon Green said...

Impressive job!

I have been working on Loyalist a loyalist version of this for a couple months ironically (Proof if one person comes up with an idea x100 others also thought of it!).

Carving all the chaos symbols off and making them look loyalist is driving me nuts.

Brian said...

@ Old School Terminator. That's a really kind compliment, particularly coming from you. Cheers!

@ Dameon. I certainly couldn't say that I thought of it first either. I noticed that someone pulled something similar at Adepticon and immediately knew it was only a matter of time.