Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest Post: Roberto Vo5 Deathwing

Roberto Vo5:
Here’s Belial in his final form. He's converted from the general SM Captain. It wasn't much of a conversion -add some Dark Angel bits from the DA sprue and we were in business.

Fidelis Squad: This is my close combat termie unit. The flamer didn't pay off this time around, but the lightning claws are money makers. Each of them has three kanji characters on them, they mean "redemption" in Japanese… I think. (Not everyone came from the Native American-like world.) Under that is a list. Every termie in every squad has a list like it on them somewhere. They are names of the Fallen which that individual had a hand in recovering.

Veritas Squad: This one is a little dark, I tried many photos with and without flash. On the camera window it looked good... Here, not so much. But you can see what I did with the shoulder pads.

Squad Running Elk: This is the first squad I painted. I didn't know what I wanted with the shoulder pads, so I kind of faked it. I'm pretty pleased with the assault cannon guy, actually. I cannot, for the life of me, repeat the handprint design with any sort of quality...

I painted Sarge maybe 10 years ago, so his base color lacks the depth of all the others. I did pay attention to your teachings and am becoming quite a fan of ink. All Deathwing are primed white and inked with Devlan Mud... It comes out so much nicer.

and Mortis Squad: The one on the far left is the apothecary. I chopped up the apothecary backpack for parts, added greenstuff to fill in the gaps and Bob's your uncle.

The standard bearer is obvious, I'm sure. You can see that the pole didn't end up straight. I'm too nervous to freehand the standard, it's blank for now. I know what I want to do though. I'll get over myself soon and finish him up.

[B.Smoove: There’s a number of things that I really like about Roberto Vo5’s Deathwing...
The first is his commitment to the theme he’s created. Of course, all Deathwing players must have some commitment of this nature, but Rob’s taken it one step further by basign the army around the OOP Termies from days of yore. That’s not an easy task, but they look tremendous; they even make me feel a little nostalgic for some reason.

Two, speaking of not easy, I don’t like painting the color white. I took a stab at a DA army a good while back and the white broke me. There’s no other way to say it. I could never make it look the way I wanted without spending a week on each, individual model. It was a calamity, and I’ll confess I never got two squads to look anything alike, let alone look properly Deathwing. I’d burnt myself out before I ever even really got started. So, here’s Roberto with a commitment to OOP aesthetic and taking on the color white in one combo. That’s class.

Three, the freehand design on each pauldron is the kind of detail that simply makes a model for me. Moreover, Rob has individualized each of them rather than finding one trick and running it into the ground (as I would). This makes each squad and, indeed, each member of the squad characterful and engaging –squad Fidelis is the perfect example of this. I like the resourcefulness of the Kenji symbols, and I love the idea that each member would carry a list of the Fallen that they’ve, er, rehabilitated. I hate to say it, but Rob’s got me thinking about Terminators again... oh, here we go.

Which leads me to my final comments. These last two days have been a nice break from the “me me me” of this blog. It’s been both a refreshing look at an army that's completely different from what I’ve been mucking around with for so long now and an extremely compelling take on an army that groupthinkers summarily dismiss. I admire Rob’s ability to stick to his guns, and to win with it (2-1 in competitive tournament play). That’s the perfect hobby combination as far as I’m concerned.

I’m constantly pulling inspiration and ideas from what I see here on the interwebs. To that end, I feel quite lucky to have a friend like Roberto Vo5 “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,” not just because he’s a class act, but because he’s so consistently calm and kind about it all. Great stuff.]


Joe Gekko said...

I like the thought of mixing in 'old' termies with the new ones. It really makes the old models stand out as the more veteran troops, at least to my eye.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Nice looking army.
I like the fact that the army has the appearance of an army that has grown over time with a mix of old and new models.