Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hailed vs. Hated: Game On Turns 2 and 3

Today we pick up turns 2 and 3 of the first encounter between Lord Amnitolo and Reclusiarch Dannen of the Blood Angel’s fifth company. For an account of the Blood Angel’s movement, shooting, and whatnot (with a distinctly BA point of view, I might add) please check out Dark Templar’s site here.

Just a quick review:
The Map as it looks at the end of Turn One:

The Forces:

Lord Amnitolo (white) – Chaos Lord / Terminator Armor / Mark of Nurgle
Squad Decadi (yellow) – CSMx7 / Rhino
Squad Egregi (orange) – CSMx7
Squad Furrore (blue) – Raptorsx5 / Meltagun

Blood Angels:
Reclusiarch Dannen (white)
Squad Taal (blue) – Scoutx5 / Hvy Bolter
Squad Duun (green) – Scoutx5 / Missile Launch
Squad Kamor (black) – Tacticalx8 / Flamer / MeltaBombs / Combi-Melta
Rhino / Searchlight

The Blood Angels are protecting a Communication Array that is keeping them in contact with a nearby Strike Cruiser. Chaos are taunting the marines with the corpse of a dead Blood Angel and the secrets it might hold.


The enemy Rhino continued its grand arc to Amnitolo’s right, swinging well wide of the leechcorpse that he’d left just a few steps behind. Amnitolo heard a dull popping noise, and a massive plume of smoke erupted from the canisters mounted in the hull. Briefly, Amnitolo lost sight of it.

Nonsense, he thought. He could feel the oppressive twist in the warp caused by the emperor’s minions, and this evasive display was unseemly.

“No need to hide, little ones.” He said, though they most certainly could not hear him. “The time for subtlety and deception has passed. Here. Come. Meet your cousin in the dirt.”

With a hand signal from Amnitolo, the Raptors behind him bounded to the front. As with the rest of his initiates, they were well trained but untested, and although otherwise contemptible and effete, Amnitolo was pleased to see the Raptors eagerly responsive at the very least to his commands. They landed just in front of Amnitolo with an aggressive thud. One of the Raptors fired his Melta wildly toward the smoke plum and the Rhino therein, but the launch had stretched his concentration thin. The superheated shot fused gravel and rock into glass meters from the obscured Rhino, and nothing more.

Give them time, Amnitolo thought.

Sqaud Egregi circled cautiously around to its left and Amnitolo strode between his forces, keeping always one eye on the precious, moldering bait.

Without warning, another missile sprang from the tree-line on Amnitolo’s left, and punched a fist sized hole in the crew compartment of Squad Decadi's Rhino. Amnitolo’s breath caught for a second, but there was no detonation. The shell was a dud. Black smoke belched from the hole, and he could hear cursing over the com-channels as the Chaos Rhino stuttered to a halt. There was no serious damage of note, but the pilots needed some moments to clear their compartment.

In those moments, the six remaining members of Squad Decadi folded out of the Rhino and ran with purpose for the cover of the building to their North.

Again, Amnitolo noted the training of the Decadi. They were now a bit closer to the enemy satellite relay, but still at too great a distance from the meat of the conflict. They were good, but Amnitolo had noted this one simple fault in nearly all the uninitiated. They put much too high a value on their own skin. To be sure, if they survived this battle, Nurgle would help them with that problem.

Blood Angels Map Top of Turn Two:

Arrugginiti Bottom of Turn Two:

ARRUGGINITI TURN THREE: (again for the BA perspective of Turn Two and the top of Turn Three, please check Dark Templar’s site here).

Gray smoke curled back on itself in a vapor vacuum as the loyalist Rhino burst from the fog that had concealed it just moments before. It was headed directly for Lord Amnitolo. With a nimbleness at least as surprising as the Blood Angel’s gambit, Amnitolo rolled to his left. And as he did so, he heard desperate shouts and smelt gusts of bitter promethium from the other side of the Rhino. Egregi was in trouble, but he was cut off.

Now on one knee and in one fluid motion, he dragged his right hand across the side of the Rhino, peeling paint as it passed. He caught the back edge and used the Rhino's momentum to swing around and back to his right. He was eager to join Egregi in the fighting. After only a few short steps, however, Amnitolo. slowed. his. pace.

Two Raptors lay dead before him. At least two others were screaming high above as their packs sent them skyward.

“Ahh. I see.” Offered Amnitolo. “Let us come to it, then.” Amnitolo pivoted to his left, dragging his cruel scimitar in the dirt behind him. It traced an arc back toward the Reclusiarch who was only just then pulling his ornamental weapon from a third Raptor’s helmet.

In the small moments it took Amnitolo to close the distance, Squad Decadi opened fire through the opening. They had repositioned themselves by the rear hatch of their Rhino, which was still spouting a thinning trail of black smoke from its control cabin.

Most of Decadi’s shots, though well aimed, ricocheted off the Reclusiarch’s armor, but Amnitolo noted that one shot seemed to have pierced an opening at the lackey’s hip. He was certain he'd seen the Reclusiarch wince. He could smell blood.

“There’s plenty more of that to be had.” He chuckled, then repeated his taunts. “Come. Join your cousin in the dirt.” Amnitolo savored the moment. “We’ve both been waiting for you.”

With that, he let loose a horrific, gurgling bellow, hefted his scimitar, and set to the stoic Reclusiarch that had turned to face him. Their first pass was brief but telling. Amnitolo turned once more to face his opponent. There was fetid ichor seeping from a long gash in his side. The Reclusiarch stumbled, blood now dripping from second opening in his armor. They were well matched, but Amnitolo had been anticipating this moment for years. For the second time that day, Amnitolo broke into the semblance of a grotesque, festering grin.

Though he did not know it yet, the loyalist was surely doomed.

Hearing their Lord’s tremendous yawp, the four remaining members of Squad Egregi pulled their knives and charged directly into the loyalists before them… though outnumbered two to one. As with their Lord, the first desperate exchange was both brief and bloody. One member of Egregi lay face down in the dirt, and in return the Chaos Marines had gutted a single loyalist puppet. The numbers were against them, but Egregi was heedless. They were savage and focused and lost in their struggle.

Blood Angels Map Top of Turn Three:

Arrugginiti Map Bottom of Turn Three:

Thanks once more to Dark Templar for creating and organizing these maps. I have no idea how he has done this. It's a mystery to me, pure and simple. And again, we sincerely hope that you are enjoying our transatlantic melee. If all goes according to plan, we'll have final turns for you on Friday.


Joe Gekko said...

This "tremendous yawp"... I have to assume it was barbaric.

Brian said...

I would certainly hope so. After all, it's not every day that one gets to use the word.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Well, so far so good.
Yes, I have to agree with the Chaos Commander that having some of those troops as Plague Marines would really help. It is amazing the amount of firepower that a Plague Marine Squad can absorb with minimal losses. Looking forward to the next round.