Sunday, May 16, 2010

WIP: Chaos Cavalry Bikers

As I mentioned Friday, almost all of my effort has been directed toward fleshing out a number of Force Organization choices for the Arrugginiti and, while hobby time has been at a minimum this weekend, I have managed to finish assembling a squad of Chaos Biker conversions that I’m pretty excited about.

There will be seven in total (as with the Sanguinary Raptors –all of whom, but one, are currently on the tray and ready for primer) for obvious fluff-inspired reasons. The two melta weapons aren't pictured here, but they're basically identical to the rest. Certainly, I’m not the first –nor likely to be the last- that’s thought of using the WHFB Chaos Knights kit as the basis for a Bikers conversion. The knights are just too cool for school, and to be candid, I’ve always liked the idea of Chaos Bikers much more than I’ve liked the available models themselves. Obviously, this created an ideal moment to consider the possibility for conversion.

As seems to be the way with each and every squad that the Arrugginiti offer these days, I’m particularly excited about the Champion. He’s a really quite modest conversion. Initially, I thought I might attach a banner to the halberd/spear he’s holding, but we’ve had plenty of that lately, and I’ve still got one or two other ideas for banners that are both more inspired and more pressing. Instead, I picked out a piece from the Sanguinary Guard spru that caught my eye, and offered a simple but evocative pose –namely his left hand. It's amazing to me that such a little piece can offer so much potential.

For me, this suggests that he is caught in the gesture of casually spreading Nurgle’s blessing as he, and his ugly band of reprobates, trot into conflict. Moreover, it also reminds me a bit of an older creation from Jakob Rune Neilsen, who was the inspiration both for the green/purple ink wash that I use on metals, and for so very much more. Enjoy the link. In my opinion, his work is simply amazing (I can’t make a direct link to the model that my champion references, but if you click on “Gallery” and then on “Parade of the Grotesque,” you’ll find what I’m talking about).

I’ve got a lot of thinking to do about color scheme for these guys: rust, red, verdigris, I don’t really know at this point other than to say I’d like it to be pretty spectacular. No pressure.

As ever, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you tomorrow for some more hobby mayhem.


Grizzled Gamer said...

These guys look really good.

Personally, I have never thought about using Chaos Knights as bikers; however, it is a fantastic idea. I really do like the Chaos Knights and if I was going to play fantasy, they are one of the reasons I would pick Chaos!

I can not wait to see them painted.

sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good!

Rabidchild said...

Very nice indeed. I love the open sanguinary guard hand. I'm sure librarians and chaos sorcerers the world over will be sporting them.

Brian said...

@ Mags. I agree about the WHFB; particularly the newer releases appeal to me. As for the conversion, I can't help but feel that someone at GW Design had a crossover in mind. It's really not even a "conversion," so much as a re-appropriation.

@ Taurus. Cheers. More to come this week. Fingers crossed.

@ Rabindchild. Indeed! My own Librarian conversion for the Onorevoli would be sporting one had he been built today.

Cheers fellas.

oni said...

Sweet idea. They're looking good.

HOTpanda said...

The disappearance/rarity of calvary models in 40k makes this HOTPanda a SADPanda. Their unique movement is something that the average players does not expect or know how to judge. Instead the game is flooded with bikes instead. I would be interesting from a rules standpoint to classify your fast attack by what they ride instead. Not sure if this would work but it would be interesting.

The nice thing is that these models are a pure indulgence for you. Models of this nature are always fun to make and to paint. Cannot wait to see them painted.

jabberjabber said...

Very very cool models. The blend of all the bits from the various sources is sublime.