Monday, May 17, 2010

WIP Week: The Experiment, day 1

On Friday, WH 39.9K asked a question about the number of hours I spend each week on the hobby. He suggested that 20 hours seemed likely; I estimated that I spent about 10 hours per week, but remained a bit unsure –in part because the number fluctuates wildly, in part because I’ve never paid particular attention. This gave me an idea. Rather than post a single WIP this week, I am going to post a daily WIP and detail exactly what I accomplished as well as exactly how long it took me (both for my hobby and for the blog). I am gambling a little bit here, as this may mean that you, the gentle reader, will be exhausted by shots of my workspace by the end of the week. Still, the experiment appealed to me if only to satisfy my own curiosity. Nevertheless, I hope the process appeals to you as well.

Thankfully, I’ve got quite a lot on the table right now, even by my haphazard standards. Yesterday I began by finishing the bases from Dragon Forge that I’d started the night before (two clumsy thumbs up for Dragon Forge, by the way. I’ve used them a number of times now and they always deliver pure quality. These bases are from the Ancient Runes line). This was a pretty simple matter as most of the hard work had been accomplished the day previous. For the most part, I simply cleaned up the edges a bit and put two final highlights on the stone area.

I followed this step by peeling my verdigris terminators off of their bases. This was a bit of a calamity. I dropped my test model and broke off two of his fingers. I also snapped the totem off of my caped Terminator Champion. The autocannon came off at the shoulder. To round out the mayhem, I also left part of one guy’s foot on the base while the rest of him cooperated quite nicely. Ugh. That plastic glue is almost too good at its job at times, and not nearly so it at others. oh, to be so fickle
... still, it's a poor workman that blames his tools.

The above is a fine example, by the way, of why I usually base my models before painting them. I know that this is not the most sophisticated hobby approach, but the alternative requires too much handling of a model that should otherwise be finished. With my oafish thumbs, this generally spells problems.

Well, I quite literally popped these fellas off their bases, and set them up for their new digs. I drilled a hole in one foot each of the Terminators. I then tested them against the base that I thought would work best. I then drilled a hole in the appropriate base and tucked just a tiny bit of greenstuff in each opening. I find that this helps keep everything nice and snug once they are pinned into their final position.

I took special care here to make sure that each model was properly centered on his base, which often means leaning over the table to get the bird’s eye view. For me, this is an important step because I’ve butchered a model or two in the past by being either hasty or careless or both.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the results of the new bases. I’ve still got quite a lot of work to do on four of the Terminators, but already I think the stone color has helped split up the monochromatic appearance of the test model, and refocus the attention back on the more distinguished verdigris coloring. In all, I feel that they seem significantly more interesting and characterful. Result!

To finish off the day, I primed the Raptors and based the Cavalry Bikers in the same manner. I’ve got some flashing to sort tonight and the Bikers will also be ready for primer. Then the fun really begins.

In total, I managed a bit more than two hours on the hobby yesterday, which was reasonably ambitious considering the number of other, real life, matters that were also on the cards for my Sunday.

So, for Sunday:
Hobby: 1.75 hours
Blog: .5 hours



HOTpanda said...

From what I am hearing then, if it's correct, you put at least some time into the hobby each and everyday???

Joe Gekko said...

Those bases are dead-bang; it's like ancient Greek bronze statuary came to life and brought the temple down around their own ears.

Brian said...

Hey, Panda. In days past, I didn't, but since the blog I've spent at least about half hour on the blog, if nothing else, each day. There are days when it simply can't happen (and I expect at least one or two this week), but for the most part I try to sneak upstairs to my desk for half to one hour most days -either after the little one goes to bed or in the morning after breakfast. I get up early between 5:00 and 6:00. I should mention that I rarely watch any television at all. These two things help make the day much longer than it would otherwise be.

Warhammer39999 said...

Schweet. I'll certainly be following you extra-special close this week.

The Dark Templar said...

10 hours plus a day – that's some going B, and something I've not seen since I was single and living in a bedsit (which was basically one giant workshop).
Nowadays I only manage 10 hours a month, so kudos to you and your dedication – especially given that you have a small child to look after too!!

Brian said...

haha. 10 hours might be more than I could stomach -particularly if I wasn't getting paid for it.

No... I'm estimating that 10 hours is about all I can find during the average WEEK.

Rabidchild said...

Hmm, I commented here a few days ago but I guess it didn't go through.

All I really said is that I find it easier to take a pair of clippers to the bases of models. Destroying bases, especially bases with some work into them seems counter intuitive, but it is well worth it when it is compared with saving the models themselves.

Brian said...

Given the mess I made of these models, I will certainly take your advice if this happens again. Still, let's hope it doesn't.