Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WIP Week: On the Clock, day 3

I found a very small opportunity between breakfast yesterday morning and the start of “real life,” so I was able to scramble upstairs to tidy up some odds and ends.

Because they are the priority right now, I went straight to re-highlighting the Raptors after letting the wash dry overnight. Unfortunately, I’ve completely run out of Brazen Brass somehow, and was forced to redo the highlights with an ad hoc mix of Tin Bitz, Shining Gold, and Chainmail. The mixture works fine, but I’ll now be in a tricky spot if/when I try to get additional members of the squad match perfectly. These are the risks we take, I suppose.

After the highlights, I went back with an extremely thin cover of my standard metallics wash (you can find the basic recipe here, excepting that I’ve chosen brass over gold for these models). This time, I added a little bit of Black and Scorpion Green as well after an idea in the comments section from Big Jim. Tiny amount, really, but it has helped keep the brass/bronze color from drifting too far toward either gold or silver. So once again, I found myself waiting for a layer to dry and with a little extra time.

This time, my Cavalry Bikers called for some hasty attention. There were a few oddly fitting and otherwise rough transitions between the plastic model and the resin bases from Dragon Forge that I decided to blend more subtly. Granted, it doesn’t look subtle here, but I’m confident that they will when it’s all said and done.

I began with the usual PVA glue, added sand, then shook out the excess. No big shake thus far. I then watered down the glue considerably to something like the consistency of skim milk. After a moment, I went back with this thinned mixture and laid it over the top of the sand in order to seal it together. In these photos, the glue looks a bit overwhelming, but it will dry solid and retain its sandy detail. With only the oddest of exceptions, I use this final step to lock down my sand before I apply primer. I find it an essential part of keeping the sand where I want it.

So. With two sets of models drying in one way or another, and with the clock ticking, I set my hobby aside until lunchtime when I posted about Monday’s progress.

But that’s not the end of the story. Tuesdays are generally decent hobby days for me because the wife has a regular social event in the evening. This leaves me with plenty of time around the house once the boy is down for the night.

And so, I was able to get back to the workbench last night for another hour. All the big washes and whatnot are finished on the Raptors, so I could now set about blocking, shading, and otherwise pulling out the individual accent colors one by one. This is a big step for me, as I generally feel that the model starts to come to life at this point. This is also an important moment for me when I consider any changes to the pattern I’ve established with my test model.

In this case, I’ve decided to rethink the color of the wings. At first, I toyed with the idea of making them red, but flinched because I though it might be tremendous overkill. Instead, I went with stone color I’ve worked with on the Terminators. Hopefully, this will help each the two squads visually reference the other, etc. For now, it’s basic shades without any real highlights, but I’m hoping to sneak another hour or so in before Friday…

We will see.

Hobby: .5 (am) and 1.0 (pm) hours
Blog: .5 hours

Nearly six hours. That’s not too bad for only three days, and at this point it seems I’ll go well beyond my estimated 10 hours/week. I should mention, however, that the two days of the week in which I have the most free-time (Sunday and Tuesday) have come and gone so the numbers may be a bit weighted. Still, I'm hoping for a decent Friday evening (as I've mentioned before... Friday doesn't mean what it used to).


Big Jim said...

Very kool, it's nifty to see what someone else does every day.

I'm loving everything, the cav bikers rock. They rock so hard, it makes me want to add a daemon steed option to my HQ choices!


Joe Gekko said...

It's interesting comparing how people work- For example, if I sit at my table for an hour, maybe 15 minutes of that is actually spent painting or modeling; the rest is spent glancing at the TV, talking to my gal, or yelling at the kids... err, I mean... being a responsible parent.

I envy your (apparent) ability to focus on the task at hand!

Grizzled Gamer said...

I have to agree with Joe. I rarely am able to focus as well as you do. I sit down for my hour and I usually spend maybe half of that parenting and talking to my better half.

You sir, have inspired me to stay on task and more importantly pick a time with less distractions.

Blitzspear said...

I'm loving those CSM cavalry great work.

Rabidchild said...

Those raptors are coming right along. It's nice to see what are normally such clean models getting down and dirty. I can't wait for their faces, that will really bring them together.

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. Cheers. I hope you do add something like the Daemon Steed. If you do, I'll convert one just for the sake of it. Promise.

@ Joe Gekko. Thankfully, my boy is only 6 months, so the "parenting" issues you mentioned are reasonably manageable at this point. Fingers crossed for the future. With regard to television, I've just about given up on it entirely.

@ Mags. Thanks, as ever. It helps that my nerd kingdom is upstairs in something like the attic. Distractions are at a minimum, particularly during the winter.

@ Blitzs. Thanks. Good to see you here.

@ Rabidchild. Funny you should mention those faces. Don't miss tomorrow's post.

Big Jim said...

Well I posted up the Daemonic steed wargear idea on my blog; with plans to add it to the next version of the playtest list.

I hope you don't mind that I used one of you pics as a reference for inspiration.


Brian said...

@ Big Jim ...mind? I am completely flattered. Thank you for the kind words. As I said, I will most certainly be working up a Hell Steed in the coming week or so in full Reapers regalia. Cheers.