Friday, May 21, 2010

WIP week: On the Clock, day 5

I was prepared to submit that yesterday was a hobby wash. I hadn’t even looked at a brush all day; however, late in the evening I found a little bit of time to pull together a relevant and necessary “re-appropriation.” After dinner, I went to the basement and pulled up some of the old models from my Book Wardens SM army that I’d shelved so long ago. Amongst those forlorn models, I found an old Rhino still reasonably intact and suitable for what I had in mind.

As you may know, today marks the beginning of the first battle between Dark Templar’s Blood Angels 5th Company, and my own growing Arrugginiti. The logistics are complicated, but after looking at some photos I’d taken earlier, I decided that my Onorevoli SM would not properly suffice as a proxy army.

Enter the Book Wardens. I’d initially conceived them as something like a BA successor chapter, so they have some red in their color scheme. The Rhino, however, was painted in the gray blue. I say “was” because the entire half hobby hour that I managed yesterday was spent making that gray mess red… and black in places.

It was a slap-dash affair, no doubt, but I’ve tried to make it only the most modest and passable of likenesses for Dark Templar’s Blood Angels Rhino. I'm sure he would not be flattered by the comparison. If time permits, I may try to improve it, but for now I’m content with how it looks in the blurry background of the battle photos. Good enough is good enough for now.

“What photos?” you ask. Stay tuned for today’s Hailed vs. Hated post.

So, what yesterday lacked in hobby time, it made up for in time on the computer, correspondence with Dark Templar, and work with photos, etc. I think that today is the first time that I will have double-posted here on A Gentleman’s Ones –at least the first time I’ve done it with any substance, surely. I can only hope that you will enjoy these as much as we have making them.

Hobby: .5 hours
Blog: 1.5 hours

Total: 8.75 hours this week

See you later today for Hailed vs. Hated!!!


Grizzled Gamer said...

I am really interested in seeing how you guys pull this off.
It seems like you are almost going to be playing it like a long distance chess match.

Brent said...

Yea, I'm curious as well...

Should be fun though.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I presume you guys each have an old copy of vassal 40k for unit positions & what not?

HOTpanda said...

I have taken part in a game before that was held at someones house but played over the internet. The players would play via vassal but the hosting player would snap pictures of the battlefield to help give an idea and presence of actually playing a game. Each week was a new turn and at the end of 6 weeksn the game was done. It was a blast and a great way to play with people you normally do not get the chance to play with.

Brian said...

Thank you. I hope by now that you've all read the post. Mags was correct. We're doing this one the old fashioned way. I'd like to learn more about Vassal; I've had a quick look but it didn't really click with me immediately and time was pressing. Maybe in the future.