Monday, May 24, 2010

WIP week: On the Clock, days 6 and 7

Well. It was bound to happen at some point. I missed a post yesterday. Apologies. It was the first time that I’d done so in almost four months... but with two extra posts last week and a pretty ambitious project (several actually) on the burner, I don’t feel that I’ve let the interwebs, or myself, down entirely.

Anyway. The matter at hand. If you remember, I started this whole messy affair last Monday after WH 39.9K asked a question about how many hours each week I spend on the hobby and blog. I gave him an estimate of 10 hours per week, but was forced to admit that I didn’t really have a genuine idea exactly. So I set about counting for an entire week.

And here is the result.

For the purposes of making my own life a bit easier, I skipped yesterday’s post and condensed the end of WIP week into a single post for today. So today’s post rounds out the minimal hobby activity from the weekend, and concludes this thread with no time to spare.

Friday was a day without brushes. As you will almost certainly have gathered by now, I enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby just about as much as anything, so I always feel I’ve missed out a bit if I’m not able to get a least something accomplished, no matter how minor.

But Friday was an important blog day. If you’ve not checked out Hailed vs. Hated (both here and on Dark Templar’s site) I immodestly recommend that you give it a glance. Needless to say, there was a lot to prepare, write, photograph, revise, check, and photograph again.

Still, it was tremendous fun… and there’s plenty more in store.

Hobby: 0.0 hours
Blog: 1.5 hours
(total this week 10.25)

As it turns out, Saturday was a bit more conducive to hobby activity, although still not as much as one might reasonably hope for on the weekend. I spent some time working on the “test” Cavalry Biker of Nurgle that you’ve been looking at so far in this post.

Of course, it’s a bit disingenuous to call him a test model, as I’m not really practicing any new techniques, recipes, or color schemes. Really, I’m just checking to see that the now standard Arrugginiti look will translate well to these Bikers.

Moreover, I’m generally able to work quite quickly on only one model, so it was an easy way to make some observable progress rather than diluting the effort across seven models.

So far, so good.

This last guy is a bit of a surprise that I worked up after the events of last week. I’m not telling what/who he is just yet, but regulars might be able to surmise with relative ease.

He’s actually a really, really old model that I’d had from at least five or six years ago. I’ve always been really fond of the sculpt of the figure, but never could find a proper place for him. When I picked him back up on Saturday, his left hand was empty and he didn’t actually have a right arm. Again, the events of last week quite simply filled those mental gaps for me.

So, in conclusion. Saturday:
Hobby: 1.5 hours
Blog: .5 hours

That’s really not too bad, and genuinely quite close to the estimate I made over a week ago for WH39.9K. As mentioned above, this was an extraordinarily ambitious blog week, and subsequently, I think the extra 2.25 hours might easily be attributed to the frenzy of activity surrounding Hailed vs. Hated and the additional two posts last week. So, if not exactly an "average" week, it was nevertheless one indicative of how I work and what ideas work for me. I hope you've enjoyed this, and keep an eye out in the near future (both in regular posts Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, with Hailed vs. Hated on Friday, as well as in regular WIP posts every Sunday) as this whole mess develops.

I'm beginning to fear that I've stared too long into the BA abyss and that I’ll have a Blood Angels army by the end of this as well... oh no.

Speaking of Hailed vs. Hated... Check out tomorrow's post both here and on Dark Templar's site as things start to get messy.


Brent said...

Man, that horseman is my favorite model of yours to date - extremely cool and I'm stealing the idea...


Warhammer39999 said...

This post makes me sad, because you seem to be able to accomplish so much in a relatively short amount of time. I know I spent a whole lot more time last week on 40k (due to our Apoc game), and haven't turned out anything like this in quality--either in blog posts, or in models.

You sir, disgust me with talent. :)

Thanks for humoring me!

Da Masta Cheef said...

With that big blade in one hand and a head in the other, my first thought was '...there can be only one.'

sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good! That metal translates well onto the barding.

jabberjabber said...

I'm really loving the horsemen. The paint job is cracking and really brings it to life very well. I think that I'm going to have to use the horseman idea myself - you've inspired me!

Rushputin said...

This has been a very interesting exercise to watch.

It also makes me feel like an horrible, slow hobbyist. :)

Joe Gekko said...

Personally, I wouldn't have used a cavalry model to represent a biker... but you really make it work here. Great looking model!

Brian said...

Thanks for the support fellas.

@ Brent. Thank you, and by all means steal away. I'm absolutely positive that I wasn't the first to think of it so I can hardly claim it.

@ WH39.9K. Thank you? Haha. I should say that most of the recipes that I'm using involve heavy washes -which from what I gather is really a not-so-distant cousin of the old dip method. They are designed to go on quickly. And look at the bright side. You got an Apoc game. Besides this fun with Dark Templar, I've not had a real game in over a month. ugh.

@ Cheef. Highlander (there was only ever one, as far as I am concerned).

@ Sonsoftaurus. Thanks. So far, so good.

@ Jabber. Thank you. I'm really pleased that you're inspired. That's what this blog stuff is all about.

@ Rushputin. I refuse to believe that you're a slow hobbyist with a name like Rush... ha.

@ Cheers Joe.

Thanks a lot everyone. I've put a good bit more work in this guy so expect to see proper pics soon!