Tuesday, June 1, 2010

State of the Blog: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears…

So. With a grand holiday weekend behind me, and not much accomplished hobby-wise, I’ve been scratching my head a bit for an appropriate theme this week. In that moment of pause, perhaps it’s best to take stock and sort through an important administrative detail.

Two notes: one, the wife and I used to live in Rome, and two, I am a teacher by trade. This means little to this blog in general, excepting one very important annual event: Summer Break (ah, yes). Next week, the wife and I will be traveling to visit some friends back in Italia and I will not be anywhere near either paintbrush or computer for about three weeks (in practical terms, the rest of June).

Of course, I intend to hit the ground running once more in July, but I wanted to give you, the gentle reader, plenty of notice so that you didn’t mistakenly think I’d packed the blog business away. No. Perish the thought. I intend to finish out this week and then fire off one or two more posts next week before we set sail.

So, this week will be a short stroll down memory lane.

Behold my version of Saruman, once fallen into his ragged incarnation as Sharky, I believe. This is the first model (of about three or four) that I painted entirely and exclusively for competition. I (rather naively) entered him in the 2005 Golden Daemon at Games Day here in Chicago. He did not make the first cut, but I’m quite fond of him regardless.

The poor sod has never seen the tabletop, as Pitmann and I pretty much stopped playing LoTR sometime right around 2005. We enjoyed it at the time, of course, but 40K just has a way of eclipsing other matters.

He was also my first real attempt at the limited palatte technique that I’ve grown quite fond of these last few years, as pretty much everything but his beard is worked between Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, and Bleached Bone. The beard, by contrast, is Skull White. I’m also quite fond of the way his base echoes the lines and movement of his pose.

More on Thursday with my next competitive effort from Games Day 2006.


Brent said...

I'm sorry to hear you'll be taking a break; 3 weeks in blog terms is like 3 days in dog years and 3 years in... you get the idea.

Still, it's good to refresh. Your blog started strong right out the gate but unfortunately I've seen that happen with others only to watch it fizzle out when all the easy material is posted.

I don't want to see that here, not that I really expect to. You've obviously got that passion to plug away.

Regarding the limited palette idea, I like that idea quite a bit. I've thought about trying it for awhile but have found reasons not to. I'll have to give it a go.


Brian said...

Thanks for your support Brent. I know what you mean about burnout. I've wanted this blog to be something rather exceptional, and I've set myself a pretty ambitious posting schedule to that end.

To be honest, I don't really see myself slowing down just yet. In fact, I've got several weeks of material done and dusted, just waiting for the right moment. Hopefully, the time off will give me even more ideas...

All in all, I intend to keep this pace for one full year, and then re-evaluate the situation depending.

Fingers crossed.

I must say that the continued support helps keep my energy levels up tremendously. Cheers for that.

Papa JJ said...

It's really neat to see an old project of yours, I think the earthy browns look great on Sharky. And the way the base picks up the motion of the pose is a very cool element, was that by design? I think he looks great, regardless.

I hope you have a fantastic time in Italy. I was fortunate enough to spend a chuck of one summer there as an undergraduate Classical Studies major but haven't gotten back since. I haven't been back since but I can hardly wait until my little one is old enough for a trip such as that. Best wishes to you and your wife as you embark upon your travels. Meanwhile I look forward to your return with great anticipation.


Big Jim said...

Dude, enjoy your holiday. You can rest assured that we will be here when you get back.

I'm sure that Hot Panda, Magilla Gurilla and the rest of our little conclave of Chaos can keep things entertaining, on the Bloggosphere while you are away. Maybe not with the same panache as you but good content anyway.

Safe Journey!