Sunday, June 6, 2010

WIP: Have I ever mentioned...

...that I love Space Hulk? (adore it, really).

To put it as simply as I know how, I needed a change from the rigors of Arrugginiti rust these last several days. Moreover, painting time has been somewhere between "rare" and "extremely rare" as I tie up loose ends here before our grand Roman holiday. Just as well, I always keep little side projects on hand for just the occasion.

I've slowly been chipping through these Space Hulk minis for about a year now, and I'm nearing the end with them (the Terminators, that is. I've only painted about ten of the Tyranids... can you call them Tyranids in SH context?). At times, I can be pretty impatient with shiny new models like these. I think most of us suffer from this at one time or another. But I've actually enjoyed playing the long game with this project. I think these new Space Hulk models certainly reward patience and extra attention, particularly as they are just dripping with details and personality.

And besides , I've got plenty of other Terminators custom made to work as proxies...

I meant it when I said slowly. Even this Librarian has been in various stages of progress for over six months now. When there's time I would pick out a color or a specific detail that needed work, and just focus on that for a brief period. Well. I'm pleased to announce that he is finally finished. I think.

With regard to his color scheme, I've never been thrilled with the doctrine that Librarians should (must?) wear Ultramarines Blue, so I opted for something a bit off the beaten path. I wanted to try a vibrant, intense color that might make the figure look as if he is seeping power from every pore, every nook in his armor, etc. I've not highlighted all the way to Skull White, but there's a bit at the edges. As such, he comes off looking rather gray-blue. I like to think his armor may have been more pure once upon a time, but that the physical and moral stresses of Deep Space travel have taken a toll.

...and for those of you that may have noticed, and who may be wondering, the answer is yes. I bought two. Have I ever mentioned that I love Space Hulk?


Grizzled Gamer said...

Excellent contrast to your other Power Armored armies.
I am extremely jealous...I should have, but I didn't even purchase one. Oh well, maybe they will re-release it in another 5 years...LOL

Rabidchild said...

While I don't get the feeling of his armor glowing with energy, I have to say that it is a very clean low-chroma paint job with some nice touches. The blue grip ties in with the cold gray and the lightning bolts. The parchment ties in with the metal he is standing on. If I painted this figure I would push back from the table upon completing it and pat myself on the back. Bravo sir.

Have I mentioned that I love Space Hulk as well? I've played every incarnation that I know of, except the little phone app. I even tried a Space Hulk mod of Dawn of War that wasn't half bad. If only every game had the clean lines of Space Hulk.

Gotthammer said...

Very smooth paintjob there, and a great contrast to the rest of the crew.

Another Hulk junkie, I have four sets myself - two 1st and two 3rd.

Rob said...

I like this guy quite a bit. His lighter colors really contrast the darkness of Space Hulk and those wacky Blood Angels. I get the impression that he walks in his own halo of light righteously smiting all xenos scum.

I've always loved the idea of Space Hulk. My experiences are limited to one scenario at BSmoove's own fortress monastery, perhaps we can go another round when I am back home...

Brian said...

@ Mags. Cheers mate. I'm confident that your five year plan will work beautifully.

@ Rabidchild. There was a phone app? Thank god I'd never be able to make that work.

@ Gotthammer. 4!!! That's just awesome. Pure. Awesome.

@ Roberto. Ink it. Any chance you'll be up here sooner rather than later?