Thursday, July 1, 2010

e ben tornato…

I’m back. The Roman holiday was, in a word, tremendous –simply, unapologetically tremendous.

And delicious too.

Still, it’s good to be home and in the thick of it once more. The time off gave me plenty of opportunity NOT to think about this wondrous hobby for extended periods. And I did so with enthusiasm. It was a treat.

But now that I’m back, all that suppressed interest in fluff and space and paint and plasma and plastic has coming pouring back in tidal proportions. So here’s what you can expect from A Gentleman’s Ones in the near and far future.

1. Romans. There’s simply now way that I could spend time back in Rome and not return thinking about the unfinished business that I started after Adepticon. Romans. Romans. Romans. I’m still researching a theme, name, and history for these fellows, but all that should fall in to place with reasonable ease after a bit more time with my nose in the books. I simply need to pick through the historical “fluff” (as it were) a bit more aggressively. In the mean time, the more pedestrian aspects of the Legion are growing.

2. I’ve slowly started to contract the persistent and mischievous WHFB bug. Apparently, there’s a new edition coming out. Perhaps you’d noticed already. I resisted the ubiquitous propaganda quite sternly, and for quite a while, but the hype is starting to wear at my resolve. I think the final straw will depend on the Right Honorable Referee Pitmann. I suspect that, as my only regular gaming opponent, if he is willing to move in that general direction, we will do so without delay. If not, I’d be hard pressed to make the effort for a game I would rarely, rarely play. I already have a few slapdash WHFB armies from days long past, but I couldn’t say that I’ve played more than 40 or 50 games in my entire gaming career. That’s not a particularly strong effort-to-gaming ratio, and I’d hope to improve upon that if I were genuinely to reinvigorate my WHFB interests.

Presuming Pitmann opens that door (he’s already got a mountain of Ogre plastics waiting to be assembled, cough, cough), I’ve got some ideas sitting quite eagerly on the back burner that include a peasant-heavy Bretonnian mob and perhaps some High Elves… [scratches chin].

(this old fellow is an Ogre test model for an army that stalled utterly and immediately with this figure)

3. What about 40K, you ask? Of course, there’s plenty of unfinished business left from before my lovely vacation. Specifically, I’m thinking of the partially completed units waiting in the grand Arrugginiti muster. I’ve still got a unit of Terminators, a unit of Raptors, and a unit of the much-celebrated Cavalry/Bikers to complete. Moreover, this line of thinking leads me to the Hailed vs. Hated saga, which is only growing along with the Arrugginiti.

And, naturally, there's the not-so-subtle blending of WHFB and 40K, as well as my infallible tendency to wander toward compelling new projects that only tangentally connect to the actual topic at hand. Take, as example, the beginnings (pictured at left) of yet another Daemon Prince... ahem. because I didn't know that these trolls were on the horizon when I made the Minotaur conversions, and because they absolutely scream Nurgle. ah well. The Arrugginiti can never have too many Daemon Princes, I suppose.

And let’s not forget the Onorevoli, who still need some smoothing around the edges of their list, nor the Valhallans, who are patiently waiting for their turn in the spotlight.

4. Batreps. There’s some Space Hulk and Kill Team mayhem waiting to be unleashed upon you, the gentle readers. Indeed.

5. And finally, I’ve been presented with an extremely ambitious project that should be landing on my desk quite soon, and I’ll be sure to reveal all the gruesome details the moment that they line up properly. More to follow on this currently top secret project. It should be both rigorous and unique.

Well. That should keep us all busy for a while.

I’ve updated my posting schedule (at right) to fit my current timetable and abilities. I think four posts in a week should keep us on a decent path. See you tomorrow as that schedule drops into action.

It's good to see you again.


Grizzled Gamer said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation, and glad to have you back!

Big Jim said...

I'll echo Mags, it is nice to have your great source of inspiration back.

I too have been afflicted with Morehammeritis, although I won't be doing much painting. I have 4 standing armies, I do have two boxes of classic 1980's dwarf regiment of renown boxes to paint, to finish off my classic Dwarf army.


Brent said...

...and I'll echo Mags and Jim - glad to have you back!


Brian said...

Thanks fellas. It feels great to be back, and triply so after such a warm welcome. Cheers.

p.s. Big Jim. I had something else in mind, but you've just inspired tomorrow's post. Double Cheers.

Big Jim said...

Ooh, Kool deal, I can't wait!

Warhammer39999 said...

Welcome back, Mista Kottah!