Monday, July 5, 2010

Kill Team: Onorevoli

In the weeks before I left for vacation, Pitmann and I managed a few evenings of Kill Team. So for this week I'll be posting a list and description of the forces that I organized for each of my three armies followed by a brief discussion of what happens (or happened) when theory meets practice (when applicable).

!!!House Rules Caveat: All three of the Forces listed in this series are based upon a slight revision to standard force organization for KT. In these House Rules, one is allowed to ignore minimum unit requirements if the slot is less than one proper unit. So, for example, one can field a single Chaos Space Marine with Melta, but could not field a second CSM with Melta until the minimum requirements were made for that full and properly organized unit. The idea is to open the road for some characterful choices, but also skewed to discourage nonsensical abuses.


5 SCOUTS RECON SQUAD -Srgt [75]: These guys are an understated but important part of the force. Apart from their normal roll as “grist for the mill” in the standard 40K matchup, here they act either with Boltguns to lay down significant and decent amounts of anti-personnel rapid fire, or with Sniper Rifles to pick out otherwise unassailable troops on a lucky 4+. That’s the theory anyway. In practice, I suspect that these guys are going to take some finesse. Either way, I expect my choice will swing entirely in one direction or the other, as splitting the decision seems designed only to weaken the potency of both.

3 SCOUT BIKERS -Srgt, Power Weapon [85]: The appeal with these guys resides entirely in their superior movement and high toughness. I want them to stick around and then get to the action in a timely manner. The guns on the Bikes are, again, optimized for laying down significant rates of shooting. Ideally, I’d like to see them piling in together to push out some withering fire, and then pile in to an Assault if possible. Again. Theory. Practice. We will see.

1 TERMINATOR [40]: This is an assembly-line Terminator. In the list I’ve included options for either the standard Termi with Storm Bolter, or the basic Assault Termi with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield -depending. The first option is pretty straightforward. I expect the Termi to act as one part anchor, one part attention magnet. He’s too important to ignore and too resilient to go away early. I’m not entirely certain how the second, TH/SS, option would work, as I suspect he would attract a lot of fire as he lumbers his way toward any potential combat. I’m banking on the idea that said fire will lack either the potency or the volume to bring him down. Still, once in combat I expect wondrous things from him. Failing that, I’d like to use him as something like a sheepdog -to heard the enemy away from him on an otherwise spatially limited table. It’s an interesting proposition…

As importantly, all of this fits with the fluff I’m developing for the Onorevoli, with its relatively large mass of Scouts and Terminators, and a subsequent relative neglect of Tactical Marines.

THEORY MEETS PRACTICE: The Onorevoli Recon Patrol is 0-3 against an Elite detachment of Pitmann's Iron Warriors. Ouch.

I didn't use the Scouts all that well in the first two games (poor choice of firing lanes), with some more modest success in the third. The Scout Bikers got stuffed at almost every turn. They did manage to split Pitmann's forces in game three and make it a genuine game, but they got minced in the process. Toughness 5 didn't go as far as I would have liked, particularly when I couldn't roll above a 2... and every roll is crucial in KT, very tense. The Terminator felt like too-little-too-late in each of the games, as if he were expected to carry the entire weight of his misbegotten brethren for them. One more step toward Heresy, I'm sure.

All in all, the list seems sound, but the leadership was disappointing on the day. Not to make excuses, but this was my first time with KT, and I wasn't on particularly strong form. As I got the hang of it, the games got closer, so I'm not sure that I'll be changing much for our next encounter... although I may ditch the Scouts for Tactical marines (but that's booooorrr-ring).


HOTpanda said...

Trying to get my fellow gamers at Thunderground Comics to give kill teams a go. It just seems like a modellers dream and for the newer players it lets them pick up the basics with out to many distractions. Glad to see other people are giving it a try.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Well, the models as always look fantastic.
Here is wishing you better luck for your next three games!

John Lambshead said...

I keep getting beaten at Kill team - about 3:1 :)

Big Jim said...

I agree Tacs would be boring compared to scouts, but they will probably preform better.

Brian said...

@ HotPanda. I recommend distinctly. It's fast and stressful and tremendous fun. Moreover, you can have three games in no time at all.

@ Mags. If I had a penny for every time...

@ John. Solidarity. Cheers mate.

@ Big Jim. This is the crux of my problem with the Onorevoli in general. The Scouts are too important to the way I've conceptualized them, but too soft as well. That's a real Catch 22.

Cheers on and all for the comments and support.