Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Campaign: The Sin of Alacrity (p.4) Deployment and Mission Selection

THE RECON TEAMS, DEPLOYMENT, and MISSION SELECTION: Pitmann won the roll and selected his first rally point. We then alternated until all Teams had boarded. Once we had everyone where he should be, we rolled secretly for each Recon Team’s respective mission (note: I refer to the Onorevoli as having the softer, more genteel “Recon Teams,” while Pitmann quite appropriately maintains Iron Warrior Kill Teams). As mentioned, the use of multiple Teams and individual, team-specific missions required a bit of bookkeeping, but Pitmann and I were up to the challenge.

If you find the Force Organization selections here a bit peculiar (or illegal) please see the previous posts in this series by way of explanation.

Pictured above is the table with all the Boarding Parties in place before Turn One, which I thought might be a helpful reference.

RECON TEAM GAMMA: Mission: 2. The Chapel.
Terminator (1): SB/PF
Tactical Squad (x6): Melta, PF/PP
Gamma Team started near the middle of the table and was thus obligated to perform a kind of swap with Epsilon Team (who deployed in the Chapel). This was unfortunate. I decided to make the best of the situation by splitting both Teams on turn one so that half (or so) of each Team could cover an objective until the appropriate scoring “unit,” or individual, from the other arrived. In this manner, I hoped to have the objectives sorted from the outset and not find myself in a position where I had to push better troops (ie: Berzerkers) off an objective.

RECON TEAM DELTA: Mission: 1. The Bridge.
Terminators (x2): TH/SS
Scouts (x6): HB, PW
Delta Team started in the corridor in the NE of the map above. This made their hop to the Bridge rather simple. I immediately decided, for better or worse, to split them as well. In part, I was hoping not only to keep Pitmann guessing a bit as to who was headed where exactly, but also to run interference in the middle of the table.

RECON TEAM EPSILON: Mission: 4. The Central Corridor.
Terminators (x2): TH/SS
Scouts (x6): HB, PW
As mentioned, Epsilon Team started in the Chapel (SE corner of map) and was obligated to secure the central corridor in the middle of the table. By the end of turn one, I was already rethinking my “split” forces strategy, and ended up keeping all but one scout at in the Chapel for fear that Pitmann’s Berzerker and Terminator death mob would likely overwhelm the Chapel too soon... We’ll see how that turned out.

(but one comment first: You’ll note that there’s a kind of logic at work here. I always like to keep my forces as fluffy as reasonable fluff allows. To that end, what we really have here are two squads of Scouts, one squad of Tactical Marines, and one squad of Terminators split between the Recon Teams in order to act as Team Leaders or somesuch for this mission. That seems to me like a reasonable proposition for a fluffy reconnaissance deployment to me, and I thought, well certainly, that's exactly the kind of thing my Onorveoli would do. Pip-pip, boys.)

(If you're doing the math at home, I must confess that I’m not certain about the precise loadouts for each of Pitmann's teams, nor his ability with maths minus a calculator, and I recall that the Terminators in particular are not exactly WYSIWYG. Nevertheless, I suspect that you’ll get a decent and proper sense of things from the photos).

KILL TEAM ONE: Mission: 1. The Bridge.
Terminators (x2)
Berzerkers (x5): PW
KT One deployed on the middle West end of the table. Of course, the objectives were secret, but the game mechanics were designed to make The Bridge the default objective, and rightly so. Unfortunately, Ref P’s Kill Team One would have to cross nearly the entire board to get there. In the mean time, however, this Team kept me guessing what objective might actually be on the cards.

KILL TEAM TWO: Mission 3. The Filtration Chamber.
Terminators (x2)
Berzerkers (x5): PW
KT Two deployed right in the South chamber nearest the Chapel. This was fortuitous for Pitmann… or was it? Again, his squad would, in theory, have to cross nearly the entire board to secure it’s objective (although I had no way of knowing this at the time).

KILL TEAM THREE: Mission 2. The Chapel.
Chaos Bikers (x2): PW
CSM (x5): PW
Again, the Missions remained secret, but I was later quite pleased to learn that KT Three was the third of Pitmann’s Teams that would have to cross nearly the entire length of the table to claim the appropriate objective. Of course, the fact that I did not know his objectives nevertheless made the game particularly interesting, as I was never entirely certain why he moved where he did, nor how close he was to success or failure.

But enough of all that. The full Battle Report and Conclusion to the first round of our Mini-Campaign on Wednesday (apologies, by the way, if it feels that I’ve drawn this series out a bit; however, I’ve made myself a promise not to write excessively long posts –particularly after seeing the “grief” Brent got for exceeding a 750 word limit… I couldn’t possibly guess how many we have here, but I’m certain it’s well past that arbitrary threshold).


Grizzled Gamer said...

It looks like a fun game...
...if a little confusing.

I am still really liking the Hulk board.

This is a great example of taking the game and making it your own.

Cannot wait to see if you pull this off.

sonsoftaurus said...

Looking forward to the next installment!

I can totally see that biker "keying" the walls with his power sword as he rides down the corridors. Better than chalk or breadcrumbs for finding your way back out!

Brent said...

I loved the grief! It gave me another running joke to play with, since from now on I'm going to put a blurb in my articles when I hit the 750 word count.

As in, "This is where Real Genius' eyes glazed over!"

Much like all my jokes, it becomes an inside, not-very-funny joke pretty quickly, but what can you do?

Max said...

Man, this thing is great! You're not draggin it out- the complexity of what you're doing here requires it, and it's awesome! Keep it up!

Big Jim said...

Pure Win, I wait for Wednesday with great anticipation! Sounds like the Iron Warriors are going to fight a "Run and Gun" battle.


Brian said...

@ Mags. To be candid, the actual game wasn't nearly as confusing as I've managed to make it sound here. I think it helps that we were of one mind on the topic and sorted the more peculiar details in conversation.

@ Sons of Taurus. I had a similar image.

@ Brent. Indeed. Not that my opinion matters, but I sincerely believe that it's best to run a joke like that completely into the ground, and then make it one louder.

@ Max. Cheers!

@ Big Jim. Absolutely. Fate gave them little choice.

Thanks for stopping by. See you Wednesday.

Derina said...

where do you get your markers from as they look so cool?

Brian said...

@ Derina. Sorry. The company is called Micro Arts Studios (I wanted to post a link here, but I'm having some trouble with the html). There is a link, however, at the very bottom of part one in the series.