Sunday, July 18, 2010

WIP: Arrugginiti Traitor Guard for Kill Team

I’ve been incredibly busy lately (which is a shame given that it’s summer and all that), but I haven’t let that stop me from distracting myself with the first standard squad of Traitor IG –a squad that really only leapt into creation in order to give me an excuse to build Traitor Rough Riders –which, in turn, were inspired by Sons of Taurus’ own version of the same Anyway, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The unit is progressing with some fits and starts, but I know that I need to finish the basic peasantry before I move on the real issue at hand (the first two of which have been tagging along for the ride as extra incentive), else I neglect the poor sods entirely (a distraction from the distraction, if you will).

There’s not any real opportunity of the standard Arrugginiti rust of Verdigris, so I’ve taken a slightly different road in order to invoke the basic color scheme without the obvious choices.

I was quite pleased at how quickly and easily the browns went down: Scorched Brown highlighted up to Dark Flesh and then washed with a Purple and Black Wash mixture. Then highlighted again with Dark Flesh where needed. This color is really quite dark and looks even moreso in the photos, but I quite like the effect in person.

The skin, however, has been a sticking point.

I’m sorry that I don’t have photos of the first effort on the skin (I’m not one to shy away from my failures), but I was so disappointed by it that I washed over it as quickly as I could. Well, here’s a brief description of what I tried: Adeptus Battlegrey base, highlighted with Talarn Flesh and Dheneb Stone then washed with Ogre Flesh, then washed with Griffon Sepia. Then highlighted again with Talarn and Dheneb mix. It was miserable, truly miserable (and not in an ironically good, Nurgle way), just miserable.

I’ve washed over it all now with Charadon Granite and hope to have something worth documenting in the reasonably near future (provided I don’t add yet another layer of distraction on my distractions with a side order of distraction to go. Thank you very much).

This last photo documents the rolling, thunderous arrival of Pitmann’s Ogres and suggests the challenge for this week’s posts. See you tomorrow for more and more and more.


Rabidchild said...

I love your strong use of a limited palette and the simple but effective conversions.

For a pallid flesh on my Blood Pact I start with elf flesh, work up to a very light grey and then give it a wash of watered down Storm Grey paint from Ceramcoat.

Another idea would be to go with a darker skin tone. Here's a tutorial link from my bookmarks:

Big Jim said...

Looking good, so far.

For the flesh you could try elf flesh mixed 1-1 with rotting flesh, then add more rotting flesh for the highlights.

Finally add one part fortress grey to the previous mix for the final highlight. You could even do a very light purple wash over it to make it pop.


sonsoftaurus said...

Looks like they're coming along well; hope you find a solution to the skin you're happy with.

Brian said...

@ Rabidchild. Thanks for the tip and for the link. I'll be borrowing some of this. Cheers.

@ Big Jim. Elf Flesh! thanks for the suggestion. I particularly like the idea of using purple wash on the skin. Not an obvious choice, but a good one.

@ Sons of Taurus. Cheers. Particularly with the kind advice of Rabidchild and Big Jim, I'm feeling quite confident that I'll find what I'm looking for. Stay tuned for more.

John Lambshead said...

Very nice conversions. I do like the heads and the riders.

Rabidchild said...

'Smoove, I just saw this remarkable technique on a friend's blog and thought you might be able to use it, if not for the infantry, then maybe for your many and assorted nurgle daemon princes. The difference between part two and part three of his Nightbringer's flesh tone is amazing, and for so little work.

Brian said...

@ Rabidchild. Two great links. the bookmark flesh tutorial is really strong, and I wouldn't have instinctively chosen the Vermin Brown as a skin tone. My only reservation for the skin tone on these traitors is that I might like them to be a bit more grotty, and less healthy looking...

The second link is tremendous. I think I'll be trying out the Purple wash as it really breaths life into otherwise grayish skin tones. This could help me keep the figs looking lively without having to abandon the grayish, nurgle tones I was hoping for.

Thank you very much for the references. Cheers, mate.