Sunday, July 25, 2010

WIP: commission work

I recently mentioned that Ref Pitmann’s much neglected Ogres (it’s ok... neither of us have actually finished reading the rules yet, so time is not exactly pressing) were my first ever commission. That’s not entirely true. They are the first commission that I started painting certainly, but before I left for holiday in June I’d been in contact with WH39.9K with regard to his particularly compelling Chaos army.

After the obvious delay of my holiday, and the subsequent delay of his own travels, the first five “test” minis landed on my table last week. Please let me begin by saying, oh my...

I’m a little bit dumbstruck by the prospect of this work, and I’ve barely started. I’m up to the task, mind you –that’s certainly not the issue. Indeed, I can’t wait to tackle these guys properly. But the Chaos gods are fickle. After assembling and basing them, the weather turned prohibitively humid for proper under-coating, and then the rains came. Curses.

Well. For me, it’s already been an absolute pleasure just to look at these figs in the flesh, so to speak, let alone to actually get a chance to paint them. Apparently, the entire army is composed of these OOP Chaos Marines. GLORIOUS!

Simply glorious… I don’t know what else to say. Glory.

These first five are going to be painted individually in what will become the standard color scheme for five separate squads. I promise that you’ll be hearing more about these fellows later in the week as the painting starts in earnest.

These last two are my personal favorites. Check out the buzz-saw tail on the first one, and the "Aliens" inspired features on the second. Just amazing.


Papa JJ said...

Glory! I'm really interested in seeing what you do with the five different marines and their respective squads, but already I'm excited just by the prospect of so much OOP models included in a single army. That must have taken quite a bit of searching for WH39.9K to track down all of them. I'm grateful for the opportunity to watch this project develop.

Big Jim said...

I must agree, they are Glorious! lol

This project should be great fun to watch.

I still have about 15 of these classic Chaos renegades sitting next to my painting desk. They have been stripped I just didn't know what I want to do with them, that is until I decided that I am going to make a kill team outta them.


Derina said...

We all have oop chaos renagades on the table... they are a cool blast from the past.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Now that is a blast from the past. I have not seen these guys around in a long time.

Around here, you see very little in the way of old miniatures; other than Snake-Eyes limited collection of OOP Space Marines.

I look forward to seeing this project progress.

Derina said...

Im working on 9 havocs ith imp weapons. have a look her for IW upgrades with thanks to big jim.

Brian said...

Thanks one and all.

@ Pappa JJ. WH39.9K has really clear ideas about the direction of this army, and I'm really pleased with the results thus far. Stay tuned.

@ Jim. Brilliant. 15 OOP Marines just waiting for Kill Team to come along. I'm tremendously envious.

@ Derina. If you've got a few spare, may be willing to take them off your hands for you. Also, I had a peek and enjoyed the site. Looking forward to more.

@ Mags. Cheers mate.


Derina said...

@ B.Smooth, I only have 9 but I might have some in a box some place.