Sunday, July 4, 2010

WIP: Yet another DP... perhaps two.

So. The Arrugginiti (my CSM army: see here) already have two Daemon Princes available in their muster –both of which were inspired by the tremendously cool Minotaur set that came out some time ago. This may seem immodest, but they were great fun to convert and I'm really quite pleased with the result. Although only one has seen tabletop action thus far, he performed reasonably well -thereby doubly rewarding my effort, if you will.

And then GW went ahead and released those River Trolls. If there was one hesitation that I had originally with regard to these Daemon Princes, it was that they aren’t particularly or obviously devoted to the patron god of the army, dear old Nurgle. They are, at the end of the day, plenty daemonic and sinister, but not so much in a Nurgle capacity.

So I’ll say it again… and then GW went ahead and released those River Trolls.

Sometimes decisions just make themselves. Granted resistance was minimal, but I could not deny the urge (nay, need) to have another bash at a Daemon Prince or two when I saw these Trolls. Just look at the vomit!!! Apart from rot in general, what says "Nurgle" better than vomit?

(image used without permission: no harm, no foul. etc)

And so, I’ve been redirecting every loose moment toward this monster, who will be the Arrugginiti’s third, but not final, Daemon Prince (ahem. the vomit will be saved for the fourth). Perhaps I should just push through and make a full seven in honor of Pappa N?

For the conversion, I’ve trimmed the seaweed that was tangled across the arms and weapon of the original, and I’ve extended the wood on the weapon slightly so that it might better represent a scythe (still working on that one. It may change). This was surprisingly tricky, as I found blending the putty to seamlessly reflect that of the weapon as it stood already a bit more difficult than I’d anticipated.

The mess around his head will be a hood. As with a few other characters in the Arrugginiti, I want him to have some notable details suggesting the Grim Reaper.

Finally, I extended his left leg to make him a little bit less squatty and a little bit more dynamic (which is something that I’ve picked up from Dark Templar and which still resonates quite strongly with my thinking about conversions). I want him to appear mobile, or at least have the potential for mobility, which the squatting position doesn’t really offer.

All the putty work has been pretty challenging for me. I’ve found it sucking more time than I’d initially imagined, and I haven’t even come to the smoothing or detailing yet. Still, there’ll be plenty more to come on this guy in the very near future.

Oh, and to all the American readers out there, Happy Fourth. I hope and trust that you are celebrating grand Englightenment concepts like liberty and equality by fervently roasting meat, processed meat, and/or meat by-products on the grill. It would be rude not to.


HOTpanda said...

The moment I saw these models I thought the exact same thing "Wow that would make a great Nurlge Daemon Prince".

The hood looks great in the pics and no way looks like a mess. Great work.

Brent said...

Fantastic stuff, as always. I particularly like the blood.

I got tied up in family obligations these last few days, but I'm hard at work on some stuff now. I'll shoot you what we talked about in the next few hours, if that's cool.

One thing I'll have to ask is the recipe for blood!


Rushputin said...

Excellent. I can't wait to see the finished product.

I had the same thought, but that they're so clearly Nurgle, I had to pass.

sonsoftaurus said...

Cool! Yes, those River Trolls are indeed tempting. I may ultimately get a kit just for RPG use.

Grizzled Gamer said...

While I really, really enjoy the Minotaur Daemon Princes, I can see the lure of these models, as they do just scream Nurgle!
I can't wait to see what the vomit model looks like.

Brian said...

@ Panda. Cheers mate. Great minds.

@ Brent. I've included the recipe in the thing you sent, which I should have returned to you later today.

@ Rush. The Minotaurs certainly seem to fit the theme you've developed more appropriately. I can't help but think that someone at GW had us (or rather, people like us) in mind when they made both of these sets.

@ Sons. Good idea. I've said it before, but these kits are really quite cool.

@ Mags. I'm making sure that I finish this guy first before starting the vomit so I don't get side-tracked from my side-track. I'm very excited about the vomit. Now there's a sentence you don't get to type every day.