Monday, August 23, 2010

Carry On: Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rulebook

I’ve been squeezing my brain through the F8 (as I saw it called on another blog –oh, you kids. I can barely keep up) rulebook, and I am genuinely enjoying what I’ve seen thus far. I didn’t get too many games of the previous edition under my belt, so I’ve not been suffering any of the existential angst that I’ve noted floating around about FAQs and whatnot. Pishposh, I say. It’s a new edition and a brand new game... and I like it.

Now. There’s one thing that arrested my attention rather early on in the experience.

I’m reasonably confident that only a limited number of readers will be familiar with the “Carry On” series of films made some time ago by our quirky, clever cousins from across the pond. I must say now that if you’ve not seen them, DON’T. They are dreadful creations. Truly. Dreadful. Each installment is a saccharine romp through the depths of double entendre, and there are seemingly endless hordes of installments. 

Well. Nevermind. I suspect that at least one writer of the WHFB rulebook is an avid fan. Here’s why:

“That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that, if there’s a doubt […blah, blah, blah] because he might not be expecting your unit in his rear!“ (p. 21). Oh, really.


I read this passage aloud to my wife and she replied, “they can’t say that, can they?”
-Indeed they can.

Speaking of WHFB: I’ve set myself a pretty ambitious challenge for the remainder of the week (think Ogres). See you Wednesday for the guts of it all.


The Inner Geek said...

I've been putting off buying the new WHFB rule book. I've bought each of them since 3rd edition or so. That would also be the last edition a I got a game of Fantasy in!

Still, if it's full of double entendre, I may have to pick it up after all. Double damn.

Papa JJ said...

Oh my, now that's cheeky! I really do need to move past all the lovely pictures and start working my way through the substance of the new rulebook. Thanks for highlighting the dry british wit. Your warnings against the "Carry On" films, however, have actually interested me in tracking one down, but that's only because I have an unfortunate streak of bad-movie masochism.

Derina said...

Undead ones right?

Big Jim said...

LOL, that is ace! The Ogres are looking good.


OMG - my word verification is "humper" lol

Brian said...

@ Inner Geek. 3rd edition? When was that... ha.

@ JJ. You've been warned. You won't thank me when this is over. I promise.

@ Derina. undead Ogres? never.

@ Big Jim. "humper" indeed. It's like they know you. ha.