Monday, August 16, 2010

Mini-Campaign: the Sin of Alacrity Game Two, p. 1

Without further ado, I will introduce the second game of our Mini Campaign (for a refresher, or perhaps and introduction if you are new to these pages, please see the mini campaign tag to view the progress in reverse order, or click here for a brief view of the missions and consequences).

The crippled and seemingly abandoned Sin of Alacrity has been limping ever closer to the Onorevoli’s defensive perimeter, which protects the outpost and surrounding space of planet Tredici XIII. The circumstances of the Alacrity’s reappearance are as mysterious as the motives informing the tremendously aggressive pursuit lead by an Iron Warriors Cruiser and auxiliary flotilla. Although deployed cautiously, the Iron Warrior pursuit has accelerated and taken an ominously strong posture both toward the Alacrity, and toward the planet itself. Invasion seems inevitable. The Sin of Alacrity holds many secrets and both armies are desperate to unravel them before the opportunity to do so expires and/or the opposition manages the task.

The first landing parties dueled each other to a standstill. The Onorevoli controlled the Bridge for a significant period, and reduced the Iron Warrior invaders to small, tattered, and ineffectual bands. By comparison, the Iron Warriors utterly destroyed several of the Onorevoli Recon Teams and completely disrupted any attempt to assert genuine control over the ship’s essential mechanisms along the Central Spine.

However, in a desperate gamble, Onorevoli Recon Team Delta managed to disarm the ship’s automatic defenses during its time on the Bridge, as those defenses had been exacting a tremendous toll on all approaching shuttles, friend and foe alike. The road was now entirely open to both Onorevoli and Iron Warrior landing parties, which arrived in ample numbers –each desperate to parry the other while pursuing its own purposes aboard the wounded ship.  

And so, the first turn of our campaign ended rather indecisively. Neither Ref Pitmann nor I had placed an uncontested claim on an objective and, therefore, neither of us were able to celebrate any of the quirky bonuses for those objectives in the opening turns of our campaign. This would not do.

So we developed the narrative a bit and re-fought the battle with appropriately significant changes. Fresh Boarding Parties had arrived and had resumed pursuit of the objectives. To echo both the Alacrity’s movement toward the planet, and to amplify our own movement from Kill Team toward “normal” 40K, we improvised a series of rules.

For this game, we each controlled three independent forces of 400pts each for a total of 1200pts. To keep things both interesting and flavorful, each Team was still restricted by standard Kill Team Force Organization (which is to say, only one Elite and/or Fast choice, no Heavy, and no HQ). Also, Teams were still subject to “disintegration,” which is our shorthand for the Ld tests that each individual Team must take when it has been reduced to below half strength. Once again, we opted for random deployment and then a random selection of Missions for each individual Landing Team, which only that Team could claim.

Conventional? No.
Challenging and engaging? Absolutely.
We had an absolute blast.

Here’s what the armies deployed: For those of you doing maths at home, I should note we agreed that the strict 400pts option was slightly malleable, provided that the total between all three Teams didn’t exceed 1200pts; I, for example, fielded one Team of 400pts, one of 350pts, and one of 450pts. and so on.  

In the second wave of action, the Onorevoli deployed three Recon Teams of suitable fluff and potency combined. As ever, the Onorevoli remain relatively thin on Tactical Marines, in favor of expendable Scouts and Elite Terminators –ideally suited for boarding actions such as these:

Recon Team D
Scouts (x7): PW, HB
Terminators (x5): AC (there’s a TH/SS in the photo that acts as a standard Srgt. in gameplay)

Recon Team E
Scouts (x5): PW
Tactical Squad (x5): PW
Terminators (x5): AC

Recon Team F
Scout Bikers (x3)
Tactical Squad (x5): PF/PP
Terminators (x5): TH/SS

The Iron Warriors deployed a straightforward, but aggressive and potent mixture of Elite and Fast units. As usual, Pitmann also enjoyed a spattering of Berzerkers in part, I believe, because he knows that I’m not really certain how to deal with them…

Kill Team IV
Berzerkers (x7): PW
Bikers (x5): PW

Kill TeamV
Berzerkers (x7)
Terminators (x5)

Kill Team VI
Berzerkers (x7): PW
Bikers (x5): PW (the Chaos Hound is actually a Biker -we inexplicably found ourselves one short).

Here’s how the Alacrity looked after deployment, with the Onorevoli crowding the Middle, South, and West sides of the table, while the Iron Warriors spread out across both the Southeast corner, and the North/Northeast end of the tabletop.

Wednesday, we’ll follow the action across the Alacrity.


MasterDarksol said...

I love that board! Did you build that?

Big Jim said...

Shiny! Another 'glorious' trek into the Sin of Alacrity!

I am liking the forces you guys have chosen! I look forward to the Wednesday update!


Mark said...

I just discovered this series, and I have to say, from pics to batreps, you guys are doing an awesome job.

Brian said...

@ Master Darksol. Thank you. Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the Alacrity. A fellow I did some work with years back made it. His site is now seemingly defunct, but you can find him at:

@ Big Jim. Thank you, kindly. We tried to keep things reasonably odd with the FOC. It turned out both more fluffy, and more interesting than I'd hoped.

@ #2501. Welcome. Thank you. There's plenty more to come, and I hope you'll enjoy it with equal measure.

Rabidchild said...

Excellent work with the photos. Both the close shots and the long shot leave me intrigued and wanting more.

Nuclear said...

Just found this blog. Really liking your conversion and painting work, I think there's a few things I can use as inspiration on my own armies. Specifically my CSM.

I have a friend starting Ogre Kingdoms, Ill point him this way as well.

Brian said...

@ Rabidchild. Cheers mate. I hope and trust that you will be not be disappointed tomorrow. More to follow.

@ Nuclear. Thank you very much. Genuinely. I'm pleased to hear that you've found something inspirational here on A Gentleman's Ones, and the more the merrier. Please let me know if you see something of which you'd otherwise like to see more. Feedback always helps.