Monday, August 30, 2010

Ogre Challenge: Skin Recipe

Oops. You may have noticed that yesterday’s post never arrived. My bad. I got caught out having double-booked my day and sacrificed the post to benefit of my marriage –a worthy cause if ever there was one.

Well, back to the program. What follows is a step-by-step for my skin tone experiment with 12 surly Ogres and one Giant. I was trying to come up with a very, very quick recipe for mass-production of Ogres. In fact, I’d set myself a rather ambitious challenge of sorting out these 12 Ogres, Giant, and 7 other test models in one week. Did I succeed?

In a word, No. Not even close. But progress is progress so I shan’t wrinkle my nose.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with. I began by simple basecoat of Scorched Brown.

I then built the darkest colors up from a 2-2-1 ratio of Dark Flesh, Liche Purple, and Codex Grey. In hindsight, this still might be a bit too much purple, but I’m not really sure. In later coats, the purple and the Flesh tones started to really conflict with one another. At times, I think it looks great. At times, I’m a bit hesitant. I’ll have to live with it a while and see how I feel.

The next layer was the same mixture but with Fortress Grey instead, to brighten the tone. I tried to leave some of the darkest color along the recesses, but I was working very hastily and didn’t bother much with the particulars.

Having said that, I should also note that I was working quickly and with some extremely old brushes. Again, the idea at this point was as much about pace as style.

I know began to work Elf Flesh into the previous mixture. Elf Flesh, in my humble opinion, is a strange color, and I’m not entirely confident with it. I’m not sure why exactly, but it seems to have peculiar characteristics: on the one hand, it’s quite vibrant and makes an extremely bold contrast to the base colors I’d chosen; on the other hand, it can be quite translucent and unpredictable at times. Obviously, I need to spend more time with it in order to get a bit more acquainted and comfortable.

The next layer was straight Elf Flesh. This worked out better on the Giant than on the Ogres for some reason. Again, I need to get to know this color more if I’m going to be using it in such a grand scale.

Everything had gotten a bit chalky at this point, so I washed the models with a tremendously thinned mixture of Dark Flesh and Liche Purple again. I’d been working too quickly and too carelessly for my own liking and felt that the wash might bring the Elf Flesh back under control.

Finally, I brought back the Elf Flesh in a more deliberate manner. It’s not my favorite concoction, but it’s certainly something different and, I think, appropriate for the Ogres.

And here’s where we stand.

And the test models from earlier. Not great. Not terrible.

Finally, I’ve also been sorting the individual bits of swag that will be going out to all the entrants of A Gentleman’s Ones contest/swagfest (quid pro quo), which concludes tonight at midnight (Central Standard: GMT -6). The entries are brilliant, genuinely brilliant, and I can’t express my gratitude enough to you, the internet.

Winner(s) will be announced on Wednesday. See you then!!!


Grizzled Gamer said...

Hear! hear! I completely understand and agree and have to regularly participate in the dump gaming for the marriage/wife/kids cause myself.

Once again, a quality step by step process on how to paint. As someone who has little to no painting skill, I am curious if you could have went with a base purple skipping the scorched brown step?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I read your painting tutorials, I feel as if you've reached into my mind, and stolen my ideas.

With that said, I find that instead of 2:2:1 Dark Flesh:Liche Purple:Codex Grey I go

2:1:1 Dark Flesh:Liche Purple:Tentacle Pink (Codex grey if you must) The pink helps the flesh and purple, and since you're going to use Elf Flesh in the end, it's not too much of a stretch between the two anyway.

Papa JJ said...

Interesting take on the ogres' skin tone, I think it makes the giant look particularly abused and generally unwell... creepy even. Nice work! It will be great to see the results of your conswagfest, as well. Considering the creativity of this community, I imagine the quo will be very deserving of such excellent quid.

fester said...

Can I make a suggestion to get to that purple colour quickly? I did this on my Slaanesh Ogre to DP conversions (with no pics of course).

1. Basecoat Dehneb Stone
2. Heavy Drybrush Liche Purple
3. Wash Devlan Mud

That will take you up to "skin-3" picture, really quickly.
Try it out on a test model if you have the colours laying around. you might be pleasantly surprised!

Big Jim said...

Outstanding method, thanks for sharing it!

I really like the tone that you have achieved here.


Brian said...

@ Mags. Solidarity, brother. You are correct. Scorched Brown was totally unnecessary.

@ k.Blas. Great minds, eh. Great tip, by the way. I think you've got it sussed where I'm still working out the details. Tentacle Pink would have certainly helped smooth the transition from Purple to Elf Flesh. Cheers.

@ Pappa JJ. Cheers. I've been meaning to write you. Think AdeptiCon.

@ Fester. Thanks for the tip. I most certainly will give your shortcut a try in the near future. I must admit, the Ogres have been burning me out a bit, so I'll likely put them aside for a little while. Still, is there anything Devlan Mud can't do? I've really grown to rely on that wash.

@ Big Jim. Cheers, as ever.

HOTpanda said...

I know this article was published a long time ago but I have been on a search for a skin tone that embodies the flesh of a Chaos Space Marine. A Chaos Space Marine should have a pale skin tone that conveys the presence of the warp; sickly and creepy in nature. Your Ogre skin seems to capture what I am looking for.

First off thanks once again for the inspiration and the lesson in painting. Next, I am wondering with the passage of time if you have come back to the Ogres since setting them aside?