Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OOP week: Loyalists

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[and back to our regularly scheduled post] As mentioned Monday, I’ve had a proper rummage through old boxes and found all kinds of quirky goodies.

Here’s a chunk of what I found from the Loyalist side of the equation:

Looking at them now, the proportions on these IG seem so clumsy and odd. I’m not exactly sure why or how. They just are.  And the poses also feel so utterly stilted and unnatural to me; it’s all quite comical. Of course, if I am to be completely candid, I must accept my share of the blame for this sorry state of affairs. I believe that several pieces for the fellow on the left were originally intended for a missile launcher or somesuch. His grip on that would-be-sniper-rifle seems rather arthritic; however, I was (and am, I suppose) quite proud of the scope.

I mentioned on Monday that I wasn’t really into 40K back in the mid-to-late 80s. As such, I was rarely able to muster more than a single squad with any uniformity or consistency. I also painted at a pace that could only be called “lamentably slow,” or perhaps “glacial.” Each of the individuals pictured right, as I recall, took about a day or more to paint. At that clip, I was looking at a rate of something like one playable army per year –presuming (impossibly) that I wouldn’t be distracted.

Excepting, of course, that these guys were, in fact, distractions from a dwarf or two that I should have been painting otherwise (see here). So it goes.

While I’m likely to leave most of the above alone for the time being (at least in part from an overwhelming sense of nostalgia), I think this last fellow might also make his way to the tub so that I can scrub him clean and finally give him the paint he deserves. What a figure! What a horrific paintjob. He deserves a brighter future.


Da Masta Cheef said...

As bad as the minis were, i do miss those old 'Imperial Army' Guardsmen, nostalgia I suppose. I also have that last guy (though he's not purple). I use him as one of my multitude of inquisitors. I gave him an IG backpack & converted his gun into a plasma-bolter. I usually give him a pair of old VOR Rad Troopers as a retinue (and sometimes heavy bolter servitors). The Rad troopers are rather emaciated & with gas masks all around, it looks as though the the Inquisitor & his boys have been enjoying the combat drugs a bit too much!

Brent said...

I LOVE these minis!

I have an entire 'Homage Army' which I haven't broke out in awhile - I think I might have to do a feature or something.

There's something charming about these old buggers.


Big Jim said...

My current on their way to retirement Space Wolves army is chocked full of RT era beakies and 2nd ed hybrid Mk VI and VII models.

I love the Character of the RT era marines!

I recently traded away a bunch of RT era IG to my friend who is building an entire IG army outta the old buggers!


sonsoftaurus said...

I have one of those last guys with the heads; use him as a plague marine- the heads fit the blight grenade description pretty well and the respirator adds to the plagueyness.

Papa JJ said...

Thanks for the fun nostalgia, it's good to see these guys as I've enjoyed your recent OOP explorations. I found a bunch of old marines from that era that I hope to use in some upcoming kill team games. It's cool to be able to still use these miniatures after so many years.

Brian said...

@ Cheef. I would love to see those guys in action -and good choice exchewing the purple.

@ Brent. Cheers. They do have a certain... I don't know what, but I love them for it.

@ Big Jim. I bet it was hard to let those guys go. I've had some trouble deciding wether to strip a few of these guys, or if I should simply leave them in all their horrible gloriousness. Nostalgia is powerful in this one.

@ Sons of Taurus. Good call with the Blight Grenade adaptation. That works perfectly.

@ Pappa JJ. I think you've hit the nail on the head with that idea. I'm not sure I could manage (or afford for that matter) an army based on this nostalgia, but Kill Team -or better yet Big Jim's KILLZONE- is the perfect way to justify some extra time with these old guys.