Sunday, August 1, 2010


As promised.

I really must sort out a name or two for these guys.

While I think on it, here is the latest apple of my eye. He will be the focus of all my attentions this week, as several of my other projects have, quite politely, opened the space on my desk to accommodate him (I have no reason, as yet, to suspect foul play in the matter). Right now, I estimate that he's about 60-70% completed but hope to improve that status dramatically by the end of this week.

The problem (although I’m not really sure that I’d call it a problem, as such) that I have with the other two Daemon Princes to date is that, visually speaking, they don’t really offer enough Nurgle for Arrugginiti tastes, who favor the Rotted One above all. Obviously, the River Trolls do just that, and so they were an almost compulsory choice for conversion.

Naturally, I didn’t want to simply stop with that simple observation.

For better or worse, I’ve insisted on several details with this fellow that are meant to ratchet up the Nurgle. As with my Typhus conversion, I wanted him to invoke the Grim Reaper. The Scythe, no points, is the most obvious reference, and I’ll confess that I’ve become really fond of this weapon and the way it’s held aloft as if suspended before for a devastating reap. Fingers crossed.

The Hood, which was both a royal pain and a humbling test of my Green Stuff skills, is another gesture that I wanted to make toward the Reaper. The skulls and two rats at the base, again, are designed to accomplish the same.

Finally, as this DP will likely have some diabolical psychic power at his disposal, I left a small tome near his right foot in case he needed to  review a snippit of lore before rolling against the perils of the warp. You may also just be able to see my final reference to both the Reaper and my Typhus in the hourglass that accompanies the book.

Oh, and I’ve also straightened his left leg to make the pose a bit more dynamic.

I’ve got some more ideas about playing with the details on the base, but that will have to wait until later in the week. 

I should also mention here that I'm a little... I don't know exactly: gob-smacked, dumbfounded, zealous, miffed, baited, and gob-smacked again by GW's announcement that they will finally be releasing that plastic DP we all heard so much about roughly two years ago. So. I've got the "vomit" DP in the ideas stage, and the promise of at least one more of GW's new releases. That makes at least 5 DPs for the Arrugginiti. Too much? Moreover, I'm reasonably certain that Pitmann's going to want at least one to replace his aging relic of a Prince. So it goes...

Tomorrow, I’ve got a delayed announcement or two, followed by something quite exciting (for me and, I would hope, for you) on Wednesday. Until then...


sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good. Your style translates well onto the troll.

Grizzled Gamer said...

You can never have to many Daemon Princes.
I personally will be buying two of the models and redoing my Daemon Princes, my current Daemon Prince shall move on to greener pastures...okay he will move on to my daughters curio cabinet....
....she wants it. So, I will let her have it.

Derina said...

Fred and Bob.

Brian said...

@ Sons of Taurus. Thanks. So far. So good. More on this guy late in the week or maybe early next... I hope you feel the same way then.

@ Mags. I can only imagine the kind carnage he will wreak upon that curio cabinet.

@ Derina. Indeed. But which is whom?

Derina said...

Now that is the question isn't it?