Sunday, August 15, 2010

WIP: Ogres

Last week was extremely tight with regard to time, so I actually had one of those rare stretches in which I was unable to accomplish a single thing hobby-wise. Imagine that. It happens.

I’ve received some feedback, however, on the first glimpse that I had slipped onto these pages of the test models for Pitmann’s Ogres in progress. Given the circumstances, I thought today would be an ideal moment to expand on that sneak-peak, even though most of these guys are still very much in a rough and “experimental” stage.

The skin tone has been the real challenge here. I want to find something that I can paint quite quickly and that falls somewhere between a traditional human skin tone and the yellowish-tope-gray of the GW Ogres.  To help matters, I intend to tattoo these guys a bit where perhaps the skin hasn’t worked quite so well. This should help keep the basic process reasonably fluid while opening the opportunity for some detailing/cleaning in the final stages. This may be a bit presumptuous but, once I’ve nailed down the method, I’ll write a step-by-step on it.

The Giant in the background was started an absolute lifetime ago when that plastic kit was first released. Obviously, that project stalled… But I’ve convinced Pitmann to fold him into his ever-expanding army, and the Giant’s back! To be candid, I’m still as excited about the Giant as I was quite a few years ago. I’ve now managed an excuse both to justify and to build on that enthusiasm. Win. Win.

The Yeti (yehtee?) have been converted, mostly because I’m not sold by the heads that were provided for them, and equally unconvinced by the heads you see here for Ogres (I suppose that they seemed to simian to me).  So, the swap seemed natural. Also, I traded the ice weapons for Ogre clubs. Because they are black, not white, the ice weaponry simply didn’t work as well as it should. Adapt. Overcome. Etc.

Finally, Pitmann chose green as the dominant color for this army, which helped push me back toward the verdigris as an almost compulsory choice when thinking about how I would tie various aspects of the color scheme together.

And then there’s these guys. I’ve got my work cut out for me. More on them in a week or so.

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Big Jim said...

Looking good, my test Ogres also incorporate some Bronze bits! I went for a more far eastern skin tone with mine. I like the skin tone that you have achieved.

I like what you did with the Yeti's a lot, they look much better now.

I am dieing to see what you do with the Goregers! There is something about those I hate with a passion. It could simply be the heads like the Yeti.