Sunday, August 22, 2010

WIP: Terminators at long last

[note: Perhaps you'll have noticed that this is an incredibly late post. I had, in fact, written what appears below earlier this morning, but set it aside when the Roberto Vo5 arrived for a  day's worth of gaming. It's not often that I get to spend an entire afternoon focused on the tabletop, so I quite simply dropped everything as the moment presented itself,  blog included. Apologies blog. And now to the post as I'd intended it this morning...].

This week was another in which most of my hobby time was consumed by commission work and other sundry matters. I currently have several really quite exciting projects in the pipeline, and I can’t wait to tell you about them in detail. Now, however, is not the appropriate time.

More soon.

So, while most of my time was directed toward the work end of this hobby, I did manage to finally finish my Arrugginiti Terminators at long, long last. They’ve been very patient with me. And really, they are a reminder as to why I must finish all projects on my desk before leaving for an extended holiday.

They were painfully, tantalizingly close to completion before I left for holiday. You may remember them from late May or early June. To be sure, by the time I got back from my travels, head was swimming with a gaggle of compelling new ideas that demanded my attention. Suddenly, the few tiny flourishes that I needed to finish the squad seemed an absolute agony.

They shuffled around my workspace for a bit and counted the hours until I finally found the energy and focus to sort out those minor details like skulls and the color red and fur and normal metalics and more skulls and all those little items like skulls.

And none too soon!

Today, rather unexpectedly, my very good friend Roberto Vo5 has appeared as if translated from the immaterium itself. He got a surprise bit of leave and headed back to Chicago to visit family and, thankfully, friends. It just so happens that Rob brought 2500pts of Dark Angels with him from the Warp -ohhoho.

So. These Terminators will be on the tabletop mere hours after I type this. We’ll see how that turns out.

[note part two: Ahem. We managed 2 full games (2500 and 2000 pts. respectively) of 40K, as well as 2 games of Space Hulk.  The Answer? Not so well. The Terminators did not perform to their expectations. In fact, none of the Arrugginiti did. In the second game, I was basically tabled by the end of Turn 5, with only 2 Obliterators remaining... Ouch. Belial and his crazy command squad are insane. At least we split the Space Hulk games].


Nuclear said...

I gotta say I love the way you do your verdigris. I tend to go for a more teal/turquoise look, but seeing ours, more green, looks really nice on gold. I still think the blue-green works better for copper, but I guess that may have something to do with how those two metals actually oxidize.

Alex said...

I love the old fantasy Chaos Warrior helmet on that last photo! One of my favorite bits from that old set.

Rabidchild said...

Lovely to see these alternately-helmeted chaps again. I think the vader helmets look much better on the chaos terminators than the bulldog helmets, and my own terminators agree. The ammo belt on the assault cannon is an absolutely brilliant conversion and your paint brings it out. Well done!

Anonymous said...

These Guys look amazing Kinda want to start a chaos army now

Brian said...

@ Nuclear. Thanks. I'm not sure if you've seen, but I've got a tutorial for this particular mixture in the (funnily enough) "tutorial" tag in the right column. Enjoy.

@ Alex. He's my favorite as well. I wanted each of these guys to seem genuinely like individual champions in some manner. The helmet just called to me. It does all the work on this model.

@ Rabidchild. I'm going to sneak over and have a look at your Termies in a moment but, before I do, I wanted to say Thanks.

@ Wiredwrong. First, Thank you. Second, Do it. Do it.

Brian said...

p.s. @ Nuclear. That's "recipe" not tutorial. Many apologies.

CounterFett said...

The bottom one is especially awesome!

Papa JJ said...

Stunningly beautiful work, b.! I really like the individuality you've imparted to each of them, they look great!! Sorry the games didn't go as well as you would have hoped, though a day filled with that much battling must have been nice nonetheless. The termies I've used in the past never seemed to live up to their billing and because of that have not seen any action in quite some time. Let us know if you ever crack the mystery of making them work.

Brian said...

@ Counterfett. Thank you kindly.

@ Papa JJ. In part it was them not living up to their responsibilities, but in larger part it was the uber-ness of Belial and his maddening entourage. In the second game, it was the all Belial show all the time. Alas. We'll be having a rematch come December, so I'll hope to find a few new tricks between then and now. I'll keep you posted on that one. ha.