Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dark Eldar: now how about that…

All this talk of blood got me thinking about an oddly situated handful of models that I painted a few years back, at a time when I was just starting to work out the aforementioned blood recipe. It’s been a while since I had a glance, and I'm pleased to have salvaged them from the warp. But of course, it wasn’t simply the generous servings of viscera that brought them to mind.

Much like your good self, I’ve been absolutely saturated these last several days with news of the looming Dark Eldar release.

I’ll confess; I have mixed feelings. Most of the models are simply incredible: dark, menacing, creepy, evil, fantastic –precisely the qualities that first brought me to these troubled and brooding beauties. How truly horrible they are. I couldn’t resist painting them between other project and, as with the Orks from last week, I used these otherwise miscellaneous models as an excuse to imagine a few new (to me anyway) techniques and/or recipes.

You might note the metal, for example, as something a bit different from what you’ve seen here in the past. This was an attempt at a purplish-bronze that never quite made it to the big leagues. No worries. These models were painted "for the love," and were never intended to see the light of day.

…and then, quite naturally, the blood. That recipe, at least, stuck.

Now as then, however, I’ve not managed to muster quite enough interest in the entire range to succumb to the Dark Eldar vice. The pirate ship has little purchase on my bookshelf. You see, I love what I like (Reavers!), but remain relatively meh about these other critical aspects of the release thus far. The models are brilliant, to be sure - just not all of them for me.

To be candid, I’m relieved. Had the new range of models been too overwhelmingly glorious, I would almost inevitably have forced myself to slap together yet another army with which I’ve really no business meddling. So I’m grateful in a way that I’ll not be building a n entirely new army from scratch just yet (DH cough cough).

Will I be building a Special Operations: Killzone Team or two from these menacing Dark Eldar fiends? Why... yes. Yes, I will. Thank you for asking (Reavers!). Killzone has become the perfect excuse to indulge my compulsions on a scale that remains both manageable and engaging. Thank you, Big Jim. 


Big Jim said...

First off you are very welcome!

Secondly, I am thoroughly sold on the new Dark Eldar. I also agree the Reaver Jet Bikes are the crown jewel in the new line so far!

Finally, Killzone is the perfect medium to satisfy gamer ADD! I will be building at least one SOG for all the races and armies of 40k.

Cheers and keep up the great work!


Von said...

Those are some very nice Dark Eldar. I do love it when people go somewhere other than the usual GRIM DARKNESS colours with that range (mine were done in a variety of unpleasant flesh tones) - yours are quite lively, in a bloodsoaked and thoroughly evil way.

Liking what I've seen of the range so far. Tempting me away from the Ork project. For now, I remain strong...

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. Cheers mate. That is an incredible goal. I cant' wait to see it.

@ Von. Thank you. It's a daily struggle with me as each new piece of the puzzle is just a bit more tempting than the last...