Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Killzone: Onorevoli

Uncharacteristically, I’ve been having some fun crunching numbers for various Special Operations Groups and fancifully dreaming of the day when all this theory becomes carnage and mayhem.

Alas. I’ve been snowed under with responsibilities, and it will likely be another week or more before I actually get to test these glorious Teams on the tabletop. Meanwhile, for the first time in my hobby career, I’ve actually really been enjoying the simple pleasure of sitting in front of a codex and writing out list after hypothetical list. Perhaps those theoryhammer types are on to something...

And so, in lieu of actual painting and other hobby-related activities, I'm here to tell you that it is one of the unwritten treats of Special Operations: Killzone that there is a genuinely limitless opportunity to play around with force organizations in a theoretical manner that doesn’t require too much by way of aggressively complex maths (thankfully, as I am dreadful with maths). but 200 points? pishposh.

Here, for example, is the first quirky Killzone Team that I conjured for my unfortunate Onorevoli:

Special Operations Group I: Team Zeta
Scout Bike: Grenade Launcher, Team Leader

3 Tactical Marines: x2 w/Bolter, 1 Meltagun

Scout Sergeant: PW

6 Scouts: x3 w/sniper rifle, x3 w/ bolter

At the end of the day, this group didn’t feel perfectly aligned with the Onorevoli dynamic and fluff, so I rewrote the list for a more challenging presence on the tabletop, certainly, but also for a more authentic Onorevoli feel.

Special Operations Group II: Team Omicron
Terminator: TH/SS, Team Leader 

Terminator: Autocannon

Scout Sergeant: PW

4 Scouts: x2 w/sniper rifle, x2 w/ bolter

As theory is eventually replaced by experience, I fully intend to develop the personalities of these groups with plausible and generous servings of fluff. This second crowd makes me want to believe… 


The Inner Geek said...

Nice lists, and I do like those minis! A lot of character in there.

Big Jim said...

Nice teams dude, I like them. What they could use is some skills to customize them a bit.

You could up the limit to 225 points and trick 'em out.

It'll help make 'em truly unique in your non campaign games.

I'm just sayin'!


GDMNW said...

Those are some great scouts. I like the way you have set them out in an action shot rather than the typical gallery style image.

Killzone sounds pretty cool too. I may have to look it up.

Papa JJ said...

There are just so many wonderful possibilities, it really has been a lot fun working out different teams. Fantastic minis and photos, as ever very inspiring stuff!

Brian said...

@ Inner Geek. Thank you kindly. The silencers, in particular, seem almost made for KZ.

@ Big Jim. You are absolutely correct. I need to expand my horizons a bit with the skills. Again, the possibilities are endless.

@ GDMNW. I highly recommend the experience. It's a brilliant ruleset (with a much more engaging and crystal dynamic than mere Kill Teams), and the hobby element is pure gold. Give it a swing and let me know what you think. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

@ Pappa JJ. Cheers mate. Perhaps some games come April? I hope you'll be bringing a SOG or two...