Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mini-Campaign: Game Three, part 1. in lieu of a WIP

[No WIP today on account of the fact that my hobby attention has been elsewhere these last two weeks. There is, quite simply, no viable W that has made any P to report at this time. And so, without further ado, I present the opening gestures of Game Three in this summer’s mini-campaign. Click here for a reverse order recap, as well as some tremendous Kill Team banter, of Games One and Two.

After some bitter fighting along its Central Spine, the Sin of Alacrity was towed “safely” within the Onoroveli defensive perimeter that continued to meagerly cordon planet Tredici XIII; however, the Iron Warriors were neither deterred nor, in fact, delayed by this apparent setback and, after the Onorevoli’s recapture of the Alacrity, the Iron Warriors immediately began major incursive operations.

The invasion of Tredici had begun.

Although modest, the Onorevoli prepared in the  best manner available for an isolated, undermanned outpost. Admittedly, they had gleaned some useful information from the first few passes at the Alacrity’s databanks, though they hadn’t yet learned much from the recaptured prisoner who had drawn the rather dramatic and curious attention of the Inquisition  (ie: the ongoing bonuses from the first two Kill Team games). The Onorevoli took comfort in knowing that, beyond their own brothers charging through the Immaterium, The Inquisition would also soon be arriving in support of Tredici...

As mentioned, we were now in Game Three of our mini-campaign, and we were both quite keen to keep up our expansive approach to 40K.

And so: Planetstrike. This was a first for both of us, and the learning curve was bound to be steep.

While I was meant to enjoy certain advantages (the opportunity to redeploy some of Pitmann’s forces, and the rare glimpse at his army roster before the composition of my own), neither bonus really worked in my favor for this particular game. For starters, Pitmann did not deploy at all, which tidily skirted that potential problem. Secondly, my army is poorly situated and, much like the noble, undermanned Onorevoli gallantly defending their isolated outpost, I wasn’t really able to make use of seeing Pitmann’s roster. At a certain points level, I simply have to deploy what I’ve made for this army: win, lose, or draw. Moreover, at this point, I began to feel a bit like Dr. Horrible …but I’ll talk a bit more on that tomorrow.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Nice buildings, but where's that Realm o' battle board of yours?

Grizzled Gamer said...

Eager to hear more about your Planetstrike experience. We have been flirting with the idea of incorporating it into our next campaign.

Menzies Tank said...

Hope you have a good game of Planetstrike!

I note that in games of 40K they can be won or lost by deployment, but that in Planetstrike even objective placement can have a major impact on how the game goes. So if you have a long range shooty army, I hope you've placed those bastions well far apart! :)

Big Jim said...

Very Nice, I can't wait to see part two!

Kudos for the Dr Horrible reference! NPH for the Win! ;-)


Brian said...

@ Da Cheef. We set the Realm of Battle board aside for this one. In part, we were a bit squeezed for time, and in part we were, well, lazy. Never fear. You'll be seeing that board again in the reasonably near future.

@ Mags. It was a quirky game, made moreso by the way we've structured the on-going bonuses for our campaign. As such, I'm not entirely sure that Pitmann and I are a reliable yardstick for the merits of Planetstike. Having said that, we had a tremendous time with it, and will most certainly revisit the supplement with more ambitious ideas in mind.

@ Menzies. You are, as ever, correct sir. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about how this all worked out come friday.

@ Big Jim. NPH for the win indeed.