Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini-Campaign: Game Three, part 2

I mentioned last time that I began to feel a bit like Dr. Horrible when I saw Pitmann’s list for this game. Pitmann, apparently, reads the blog. Who knew? (hey Ref, how’s it going).

I’m constantly complaining on these pages that I’m terrified of, ineffectual against, and otherwise at a loss for how to deal with Pitmann’s Berzerkers. And so he brought a full four squads of them to the table for this game… along with an Abadon “counts as,” and his standard winged Daemon Prince. His list, needless to say, eschewed the quirky Force Organization possibilities offered by a Planetstrike game for its own more surprising and terrifying quirk.

While pleased to see that he had left Bikers and Raptors to the side, I was no less mortified to see that my scout-heavy army  would need to find a way to break those accursed Berzerkers.

Although in theory I was able to tailor my list to meet his, in practice I was still quite limited by what I’ve painted for the Onorevoli. Here was the plan:

The table:

Before seeing Pitmann’s list, I had set up the table with five objectives, with four clustered toward the west half of the table and one stuck on its todd to the east. I was hoping that the lonely objective would suck the some measure of the Honorable Referee P’s resources away from the real fight. Yes, I would be sacrificing an objective, but I’d also be able to concentrate my forces on the clusters to the west.

The Onorevoli:
I brought two Tactical Squads to the table this game, which is rare for the Onorevoli. Those two squads manned the main Bastions. Two Dreadnoughts (one venerable) sat under the third objective looking as menacing as they could cybernetically manage, while a full unit of Scouts manned the fourth objective toward the middle of the table.

In reserve, I held a unit of five TH/SS Terminators in a LR Crusader with the obligatory Onorevoli Librarian to boot. These bad boys were meant to hammer any hotspots on the table, while the LRC hoped to bring quite a lot of infantry-thinning fire power to the mixture. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to tackle Abadon, as I’ve never faced him, but thought the TH/SS and Libby would be the only hope in this endeavor. I was also a bit concerned that they might not have enough brawn to fight both the Daemon Prince and Abadon, but fate would have to decide that score. And so it did… more on that note Friday.

Finally, a lonely squad of six Scouts sat on the southeast corner, just in case Pitmann didn’t take the lone objective bait.

With five objectives, Pitmann relished 7 orbital strikes in the Firestorm barrage. It took four of them to bring the southwest objective crashing down around my Tactical Squad. In the mess, 3 marines were reduced to their component molecules. Two more strikes drifted ineffectually from the middle objective, and the final strike ruined the building in the southeast corner. It wasn’t an objective, but it did hold the vulnerable Scout squad loitering in the margins of the fifth objective.

All in all, the storm wasn’t quite as bad as I’d feared, though there were quite a few craters lining the south half of the board.

 See you Friday for the battle that was.


Mark said...

On Berzerkers: massed firepower usually does the job. I faced them using my Destroyer-heavy Necrons army, and the massed gauss fire from two warrior squads brought down a mass of Berzerkers and weakened Kharn (who they went on to tarpit). They're scary, but like a mob of orcs, you have to shoot shoot shoot!

Magnus said...

I really enjoy reading your battle reports. It is truly a visual treat to see such beautifully painted miniatures battling on well-painted terrain.

Big Jim said...

Wow, looking at those craters, that could have been really brutal. I am glad the Onorevoli weathered it well.

I must second Magnus, it is great too watch these battles with nice minis and terrain!

Looking forward to part three tomorrow!


Brian said...

@ #2501. Cheers. Unfortunately, I find myself in the same bind time and time again with the Onorevoli. I just haven't painted the units that I need most, and thereby limit the choices that I can bring to the tabletop.

@Magnus and Big Jim. Cheers fellas. Pitmann and I try to put a premium on the aesthetics of the game. My record (really a sequence of losses) makes a clear statement in this regard. I am a hobbyist more than a strategist, alas.