Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Special Operations: Killzone Beta is LIVE.

...ok. ok. I missed yesterday's post... again.

There are, I assure you, several quite good reasons for this, at least one of which helps explain today’s brief, unscheduled post.

If you’ve had your ear to the ground, you’ll likely have heard some grumblings about Big Jim’s Special Operations: Killzone addendum to 40K. Well, today marks the release of the first Beta of that ruleset, errata for each individual codex, and scenarios. Go over to Big Jim’s site and give them a try. Do it. Do it.

Special Operations: Killzone is a tremendous project that quite a few people have been working on for at least a month or more now. Really, it’s a much refined and improved version of super-fast and streamlined 40K Kill Teams. Got 20 minutes and an itch for narrative-driven 40K? Here’s your medicine. From the hobby end, it's much, much more than that; it’s also an ideal way in which to experiment with neglected old models and very small forces for which one would never complete an entire army. From a gaming end, I'm told it's also an ideal way to test the merits of an army that has your interest before jumping in for the big plunge.

In that spirit, there’s been quite a ground swell of interest in those long forgotten, and otherwise poorly situated, models from the Rogue Trader era: I’ve started my own first Special Operations Group of Rogue Trader Marines, while Big Jim has discovered a box full of Elder Eldar… and Squats!!! I also highly recommend that you check out Pappa JJ’s recent post on force selection and, yes, more old models –RTB01 Marines, and Orks. Magnificent.

Again, Killzone Beta is live, and we would be greatly appreciative of any, all feedback that you could offer.

We return to our regularly scheduled Mini-Campaign update tomorrow and Friday. In the mean time, Killzone. 


Big Jim said...

Seeing the Killzone beta done is a Glorious thing!

We really do value any and all feedback.


Papa JJ said...

Very well done, gentlemen. Bravo. And thank you for including me in your recommendations, I'm glad you liked my contribution to the old-minis brigade.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

I haz it, Boss! :)
These days I should be able to print it out and show it to my friends. Thinking of running some Ork Kommandoz and some Flash Gitz.

Brian said...

Cheers fellas.

@ Pappa JJ. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures with KZ. Keep those post coming!

@ Skarvald. I'd love to see what you put together.

Thanks again for the support.