Sunday, September 26, 2010

WIP: AdeptiCon Table One

I fear that, by the end of this all, you will feel that you have watched these tables come together in an extended and bizarre time-lapse film. Yes. These opening moments have been painstaking, and what limited hobby time I have these days have been almost exclusively consumed by one aspect of this enormous Killzone project or another. She’s a beast, no doubt. But so incredibly worth it.

The prototype has been challenging… mostly, I think, because neither of us has ever attempted anything quite this ambitious or dramatic. We want it to be strong. Certainly. And Dynamic. Absolutely. Well… it’s a process. We’re just about at the stage where we can start to playtest the table properly and this is where we expect to see where it needs to be refined and/or worked over.

With a mere six months left until AdeptiCon, I’m not exactly panicked, but I strongly believe that one must remain completely on top of a project like this. So… “slowly, but slowly.” We’re getting there.

By the by, look out for some unexpectedly strong forces in KZ; I was afforded the entirely too rare opportunity to play a few games last night. Matt’s Necrons, handed my Arrrugginiti their chaotic hats. Twice. And here I was feeling pretty confident about those guys. Thankfully, my Orks made their maiden appearance on the tabletop and inched a game out against some beautifully painted Space Wolves. More on that when time allows.


Loquacious said...

I'm really entranced by these tables. They look fabulous!

Papa JJ said...

The prototype table looks like it's coming along amazingly well. I'm having a lot of fun imaging where my team members will be gunned down and chopped to pieces. I'm very excited for Adepticon and am grateful there are people as dedicated as yourself to making it a great event.

Brian said...

@ Loquacious. Thank you, kindly.

@ Pappa JJ. That sounds like the beginnings of a winning strategy -right up my alley. Looking forward to it, mate.

Big Jim said...

The table is coming along great! I cannot wait to see it done.

Glad to hear that you got some games in.


Sidney Roundwood said...


Loquacious really said it...."entrancing" is the word for these tables. It looks like it's going really well. Testing the games on a modular or fixed table is a really good idea, especially at this pretty early stage when you can change the fixed/ modular set-up, find out where new things need to be added, things which don't work can be removed. I also like the way you've built these REALLY strong. You can certainly take these anwhere around the country with that level or robustness. Keep at it, old chap, becuase your table will be something really special...."entrancing" is the word!!!

Matthias said...

My Wraiths (with Hit & Run) are going to love that table! Better paint up a few more!

Brian said...

@ Big Jim. The games were extremely fun and tremendously helpful in turning all this speculation into reality. It's nice to see the expansion coming along so well. Good luck this weekend, and I'll talk to you after.

@ Sir Roundwood. Thank you kindly. We've been trying to make sure the tables will be solid, bullet proof even. Certainly, this one is already quite heavy, but it's got some miles ahead of it yet. Thank you for the kind words.

@ Mattias. They will indeed. Necrons. Who knew?

Wyatt said...

I can't help but imagine this table as a graduate psychology experiment. All that's missing is some rats and cheese.

Brian said...

@ Wyatt. HA. Great to "see" you again. I hope to see you again at AdeptiCon next year.