Monday, October 11, 2010

Killzone Blitz: Continues

The Killzone Blitz hit the ground with tremendous clamor with brilliant contributions from all across the blogosphere, and I’m reliably informed that this monster has wheels.  Excellent work, gentlemen. Excellent work indeed.

But yesterday was glorious: pure, unmitigated, glory -for several more reasons than the obvious above.

It is extremely rare that I get the opportunity to whittle an afternoon with dice and plastic –and a Sunday, no less- even rarer.  Usually, the day of rest is reserved for family pursuits, for the in-laws, and for respectable activities like simultaneous baby adoration. If there’s time in the evening on a typical Sunday, I often feel deeply obligated to do lamentable things like prepare for the workweek. And so on.

But yesterday I was awarded a moment of respite that was both hearty and rich in vitamin Nerd. The wife kindly took the boy for some seasonal fun with his grandparents, while I was left utterly homebound with both a 6x4 table that needed playtesting and ample servings of time to do so. Delicious.

Thankfully, my very good friend (and all-round gaming deity) was able to orchestrate an appearance; his insight, spontaneous ideas, and general gaming acumen have already proved invaluable to the table’s maturation.

At the end of the day I felt like maniacally shouting “It’s Alive!!!”

It. Is. Alive.

I am beyond pleased to offer that the table is going to work superbly. Detailing begins this week. Fingers crossed.


James Arnold said...


Everytime I read your blog when it has to do with killzone, it gets me fired up to get out there and create. I may have no other choice then to form a Blood Angels killteam in the very near future. You are a storm of inspiration sir, my hat's off to you.

Big Jim said...

Looking good! Yesterday was a fantastic day on so many levels! I am glad you got a chance to throw down on the tabletop to test things out!

Is there going to be hallway clutter once it's done?

Loquacious said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Brian said...

@ James. Thank you very much. I'll have to pass along the inspirational chalice to Big Jim, who got this whole Killzone monster rolling. It's been tremendous fun, and I look forward to seeing those Blood Angels.

@ Big Jim. Speaking of. Hallway clutter will abound. scrap. dirt. wires. and doors. plenty of doors.

@ Loquacious. We had a wonderful time. I rarely have time to properly play these games for which I spend so much time creating pieces. It makes a refreshing change.

Papa JJ said...

Excellent news that the afternoon of trials were so successful, it's great to see the first teams begin their explorations.