Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Killzone Blitz: The Shanksies


Last time, I mentioned that my Sunday positively oozed SO: Killzone and AdeptiCon table prep. Here’s the band of unfortunates that I brought to playtesting:

The Shanksies:
Gutgrope Grotshank: Nob, Team Leader, Big Choppa, ‘eavy Armor, Boss Pole, Refractor Field
Nobz (x2): ‘eavy Armor, Big Choppa, (x1) Master Crafted
MegaNob: indeed
Ork ‘arboyz (x5): ‘eavy Armor, (x2) Big Shootas

Some notes: I intend to model the Big Choppas appropriately once the order arrives (bitz for the bitz god), but I’m not entirely sold on their efficacy. This is what happens, I suppose, when theory meets practice. As such, I intend to limit them significantly from what we see above. I do, however, want to model a unique Gutgrope model and perhaps one Nob per Warband that employs the Big Choppa with decent measures of ambition and violence.

For the sake of sport itself, I also assembled a second Warband (I don’t believe that Orks should refer to themselves as Special Operations Groups –too ooomie) from what was left kicking about the bookshelves. By playing through two Teams, we were able to test several of the more expansive aspects of the table, which was really quite entertaining.

Almost inevitably as the playtesting evolved, and as the narrative of each Warband progressed, several personalities began to develop; the Meganob, for example, emerged as a particularly compelling figure –enough to merit a proper name, Dr. Dakkasteef, and to merit an upstart Warband of his own.

Stay tuned for more good news on this nascent personality and his merry Warband in my small corner of the 40K universe... Dr. Dakkasteef and The Teeftotallers.


robinoc said...

You're spot on about SOG being non-Orky. Heck, Warbands might even be too formal for Orks.

I can see a Boss telling Dr. Dakkasteef to "git yer boyz" and stop that group of humies.

Orks were my first and only WH40K army. I've moved on to historical games, but they still have a special place in my heart and somewhere deep in the bowels of the attic still slumber and I may just wake them up b/c of Killzone.

Keep up the good work. The Killzone system and the narrative that goes along with the teams is one of the things I look forward to reading about on the blogosphere.

Brian said...

Robinoc. Thank you kindly. I'll confess that I was drifting toward historical for a moment after last year's AdeptiCon (Romans!) but these killzone shennanigans have successfully drawn me back home.

Papa JJ said...

I really like the emerging personalities of your teams, as well as beginning to a potential rivalry between warbands. As for The Teeftotallers... brilliant! That's the best name I've seen yet.

The Inner Geek said...

I like the orks you got working here. I also really like that you worked ambition and violence into one sentence so well.

Brian said...

@ Pappa JJ. Thank you, sir.

@ The Inner Geek. I try to keep it fresh and messy.