Sunday, October 3, 2010

WIP: AdeptiCon Table(s)

Step right up for another slow-motion serving of progress on the formidable and weighty prototype table. All the main structures are in place and we are currently moving toward phases two and three simultaneously: playtesting and detailing.

You may note in this picture the rather oddly placed bottle. That will not be part of the structure or the detailing. Never fear. Rather, it is the by-product of the simple fact that my wife is away for the weekend. Tall Paul and I were happy to have the boy (and dog) on board, but in a strictly advisory capacity. Below, the boy examines a potential bit of detailing for strength, rigor, and chewability (and, honey, if you are reading this, we did all the sawing before we brought him outside. But still, hurry home).

During the playtesting process, I expect to encounter some small hiccups, as one will. Specifically, we'll be looking to find spots that jam up and/or disrupt the natural flow of the game. I hope and trust that, at this stage, any problem will be easy enough to fix because the table is still relatively malleable. Time will tell. 

Once playtesting and detailing are completed, it'll be time to prime and paint... I can't wait for those stages.

Still, I would also like to sink some serious test-time into this table in order to let its character develop from those games. The event at AdeptiCon will have a very overarching, compelling narrative element to it, which is really the natural product of  Special Operations: Killzone's cinematic disposition. I’ve only managed three games in the current Beta form, and I’ve already decided to disband one Special Operations Group (Arrugginiti), and promoted another SOG (Orks) to a new, much more lush, status. I didn't nix the Arrugginiti because they got hammered (twice) by Necrons, but rather because they haven't offered any narrative of note. They just felt flat and a little bit arbitrary, and that is a notable shortcoming in the SO: Killzone dynamic... according to me. 

On the flipside, I found myself purchasing  a few new Ork models at the FLGS this weekend, and the Ork Warband Leader has a name now to reflect his one small moment of success: killing the opposition Team Leader (a Space Wolf no less) in mano-e-ork combat. But more on that next week.

Gripping stuff.


The Inner Geek said...

Looking good!

I've got a smallish helper too. I'm afraid they are no more helpful one they are walking around on their own. Relish the excer-saucer while he still enjoys it!

Gotthammer said...

Sweet looking table - loving seeing it come together.

Do you have any plans for low level cover/scenery? Old Crow ( do a good line of sci-fi fittings and do-dads, and they're pretty cheap.

robinoc said...

Great looking table!

It also looks very heavy. Have you worked out the transporation part of the project?

Ever thought of laying down a thin sheet of metal and magnetizing the walls to create different set-ups with the same board?

JustinM said...


I love seeing the plan come together!
What's your estimate on weight? I can imagine the transport/storage won't be all that easy. I went for the modular setup, but it get's bumped and needs to be adjusted from time to time. Can't wait for the detail work!
I can definitely tell that there is someone with some carpentry skills involved in your project! Mine... not so much!


Loquacious said...

I think a converted bottle could be a fun and quirky element, much like old Space Hulk.

Seriously, I bow to your build and design mastery. Very lovely.

Brian said...

@ The Inner Geek. The saucer has become something of a crutch in those, um, delicate moments. I don't know what I'll do when he's over it.

@ Goth. Top tip. I hadn't seen these before and intend to take a decent gander. Cheers.

@ Robinoc. We've got two or three ideas for transportation (the event is only about 45minutes drive from here), but we don't love any of our ideas just yet, so we're keeping our eyes open to other possibilities.

Speaking of, you may have just sorted out the "door situation" for us!!! Thank you kindly. As with transportation, we have a few workable ideas as to how we were going to create workable doors, but the modular metal-and-magnetize idea just might take the prize. It might also help keep the table more modular in the end as well. Tremendous. Thank you again for the idea!

@ JustinM. Ah. Storage. That one is going to be tricky... and we may likely find that at least two of these tables go up for sale immediately after the event. I'm not sure who'd buy (or how I'd get the tables to the location), but I'm not sure our garage will be able to permanently hold all four. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Your modular setup is absolutely beautiful. I really like what you've done, and in the long run I think you'll find storage much more manageable than I will.

@ Loquacious. You are too kind. Funny you should mention, but I have actually been thinking about incorporating a different element of baby gear into the detailing... but more on that soon.

Papa JJ said...

Excellent choice in ExerSaucer, they certainly do come in handy. Enjoy the time while it lasts.... ; ) It's good to see that the young Gentleman is being exposed to the finer things in life as well. Thanks for the update on the tables, it's very interesting to see how this project develops.